The Importance of Basic Volleyball Sporting Goods and Items

Volleyball is a fast-paced sport involving multiple players on both ends. It can be trained and played indoors and outdoors based on the professional level and the location; different sporting goods and training equipment are applicable. When one visits, he/she will come across many advanced training devices and equipment that help players to train harder and better. Training with the right equipment enhances performance and improves their skills as volleyball players. There are some essential sporting goods applicable to volleyball that are vital to consider.

The ball

The type of ball needed in volleyball relies on the level and type of volleyball one plans to engage in. For instance, indoor and outdoor volleyball is distinct in terms of weight, composition, and size. Indoor sport is played with six players on a large court on each team. The ball used is heavier and faster and is made of leather. On the other hand, outdoor volleyball is played with two players on each side on a smaller sand court. The ball used is lighter and more significant. Because of the difference, the training method and use of ball type also vary. Depending on whether the athlete plays on indoor or outdoor courts, heavier or lighter balls will be used for training.

Court equipment

The essential court equipment is a net between two poles on either side. The net is made of synthetic or cotton materials and measures three feet by 32 feet. There are two height measurements of net practiced in men’s and women’s volleyball sports, respectively. The height of the net measurement for men’s tournament is 7 feet 11 and 5/8 inches, while for women, it is 7 feet ad 4 and 1/8 inches.

There is another additional court equipment that is necessary while training correctly. It includes padding for two poles and an antenna of fiberglass fixed to each side of the net. The presence of the fiberglass antenna helps to determine whether the ball hit has been inside or outside the court’s boundaries. One can browse and get access to different varieties of court equipment.

Volleyball shoes

Volleyball-specific shoes are considered a vital sporting good. This is because volleyball-centric shoes are made of gum rubber soles, which offer more traction than cross-training shoes or regular sports shoes. The lateral movement in the court is key to volleyball, and gum rubber sole shoes are considered the best option. Additionally, the front of such shoes has additional cushioning to absorb the shock from sudden jumping and landing while hitting the ball. Henceforth, wearing only specifically-designed volleyball shoes should be worn by players to avoid unnecessary injuries. There are specific online stores dedicated to volleyball gear and sporting goods where such special shoes are accessible.

Protective knee

Volleyball players are always found jumping, diving, and landing on feet from greater heights. Since diving in a volleyball match can be sudden and aggressive, hurting the knee is common. Hence, volleyball players are found wearing knee pads to safeguard against floor burns during training sessions, as well as in the tournament. There are two types of padding that are considered adequate, flat style and bubble style pads.

Compared to the flat style, the bubble-style knee pad offers more cushioning directly on the kneecap. Because of the extra padding, bubble-style is often complained of as bulky. On the other hand, the flat-style pads don’t offer much padding but render free movement as it is lightweight. Every player has preferences when they use knee padding for training or playing in the tournaments. offers multiple options concerning sleeve length and size of knee pads.


With creative technology inventions in the sporting industry, training techniques are undergoing drastic makeovers. No one volleyball training device or sporting good can make a better player, but a combination of several factors comes into play. The right coach, training devices, sporting items, gear, etc., can be effective in helping players with nailing their volleyball skills and moves. One will see a wide array of volleyball sporting goods and training tools at Based on the requirements and skills of a volleyball team, the coach introduces different training equipment and sporting goods in their practice sessions.

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