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Network 18 has launched a new regional news channel in Odia, News18. It is the 10th regional news channel launched by ETV. Its logo is a combination of the news and life. It has a slogan ‘News is Life’ and was launched in May 2015. The logo is very catchy and it is easy to recognize. It has an audience of approximately 4 million people and is available on the Internet.

It is broadcasted on television channels and in some DTH platforms. TV18 Broadcast has a dedicated team of correspondents in the Odisha region. It also airs live sports events. This new channel aims to provide unbiased and timely news. The programming is offered in both Standard Definition and high-definition formats. There is no subscription fee, and the programme is available in all the major regional languages.

The channel is called News18 Odia. It is a 24-hour news service in Odia. You can watch it on Tata Sky or Videocon D2H. The channel is also available on Airtel digital tv. The headquarters of the station are located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. It’s the largest independent news station in India. The network is owned by Network 18, a leading entertainment company.

The channel offers exclusive LIVE coverage of the Snanayatra ritual, including the deities being bathed in 108 pots of pious water. It is a very popular event and attracts devotees from all over the world. While watching the Snanayatra festival, watch News18 on TV and watch the deities in action. If you’re an Indian, you’ll find it on TV18.

ETV News Odia is now the number one Hindi language television channel in India. The channel is also part of the ETV News Network and launched in the same city. It is a popular regional news channel. The ETV News Network is the largest satellite television network in India. With its news and entertainment channels, it offers an extensive and influential audience. So, if you’re an Odia resident, you can catch the latest updates about the state of your local area with ETV.

The online news channel has many news programs in Odia. The aamri Odia is located near BJB Autonomous College. The channel covers both rural and urban areas of Odisha. Apart from the news on the two major cities, the aamri oddia features a wheelchair accessible lobby and a television set. It is an ideal option for people who live in Odisha.

The official website of News18 Odia is in English. It has a Facebook page, Twitter account, and a Twitter account. It is a social media network that provides daily updates of the latest news in Odia. It is a full screen TV channel. In addition, the content on these TV channels is stretched on the SD variants. In China, the SD version of news channels is letterboxed.

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