Jos Buttler’s Mighty 112-Metre Six: A Testament to His Devastating Power

In the thrilling encounter between Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) and Rajasthan Royals (RR) in the IPL 2023, Jos Buttler, the explosive opener of Rajasthan Royals, showcased his incredible hitting prowess by smashing a colossal six. The ball soared a remarkable distance of 112 meters, making it the second-longest six of the season. Let’s dive into the details of this awe-inspiring shot and the overall match highlights.

Buttler’s Towering Six

During the fifth over of Rajasthan Royals’ chase, Jos Buttler faced pacer Yudhvir Singh and unleashed his power on a delivery aimed at the leg stump. With a ferocious swing of his bat, Buttler sent the ball sailing over the midwicket boundary, covering a staggering distance of 112 meters. This remarkable feat placed him right behind Faf Du Plessis’s 115-meter six as the second-longest maximum of IPL 2023.

Buttler’s Dominance

Jos Buttler‘s ability to dispatch the ball with incredible force and precision has earned him a formidable reputation in the cricketing world. His remarkable shot in this match once again showcased his prowess as a devastating hitter. With this audacious six, Buttler displayed his power and demonstrated his ability to rise to the occasion and seize game-changing moments. Whether facing difficult deliveries or challenging situations, Buttler’s exceptional hitting skills and unwavering confidence make him a formidable force on the cricket field. His ability to turn the tide of the game with his remarkable shots is a testament to his skill and impact as a batsman.

Match Scenario

Despite Buttler’s thunderous hitting, the Rajasthan Royals faced a tough challenge in their pursuit of victory against the Lucknow Super Giants. While Buttler managed to score 40 runs off 41 deliveries, he was eventually dismissed by Marcus Stoinis, thanks to a brilliant catch taken by Ravi Bishnoi. The contributions of other RR batsmen, including Yashasvi Jaiswal, who scored 44 runs, weren’t enough to secure a win. The slow Jaipur wicket posed difficulties for the Royals, resulting in them falling short by 10 runs in the LSG vs RR clash.

Tough Outing for the Bowler

The young pacer, Yudhvir Singh, had a challenging time during his spell against Jos Buttler. By the end of his second over, Yudhvir had conceded 27 runs, which was a considerable dent in the Super Giants’ efforts on a tricky wicket. Buttler’s assault on Yudhvir Singh exemplified his ability to take advantage of the fielding restrictions and put the opposition bowlers under immense pressure.


Jos Buttler’s awe-inspiring six in the LSG vs RR match left spectators in awe of his raw power and ability to clear boundaries with ease. This remarkable shot, which travelled a remarkable 112 meters, firmly established Buttler’s reputation as one of the most destructive batsmen in the IPL. Despite his impressive hitting, the Rajasthan Royals fell short in their pursuit of victory, highlighting the challenges faced by the team in navigating the slow Jaipur wicket. Nonetheless, Buttler’s incredible display of power will be remembered as a standout moment in the tournament.

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