What strategy should be adopted to prepare the General Awareness section for SSC CGL? How many months of current affairs is sufficient?

General Awareness (GA) is the SSC CGL Tier 1 Examination section where you have the maximum chances of scoring. There is no requirement for any rule or formula to get the answer correct for the GA section. This section is relatively easier to solve as compared to Quant, English & Reasoning sections of this competitive examination. Thus, this section can add significantly well in building a good aggregate score. If you want to score well in this section, you should necessarily be updated about the latest happenings in the country and across the globe.

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Preparation for the General Awareness section of SSC CGL 

Here we will guide you on preparing well for the General Awareness section of SSC CGL and improve your marks in the SSC CGL Tier I examination. In case you think you do not require to focus on the GA section as much as you have to do for the Quant and Reasoning sections, you are absolutely mistaken. Here are the good reasons you should prepare well for the General Awareness section of SSC CGL.

  • Time-saving– Since the General Awareness section does not require rules or calculations, you can quickly attempt the questions. By preparing a few of these topics included in the syllabus of this section, you will manage to score really well in this section.
  • Low negative marking – As there is no requirement for solving the questions in GA, you either know or do not know the answers to these questions. This means that you will not write a wrong answer just by guessing, leading to negative marking.

Weightage on the topics of General Awareness 

You can check the crucial General Knowledge topics & the weightage of marks. You should go through the topics mentioned in the table below and then plan your preparation according to that.

Subject Number of Questions
Economics 2
Geography 2
Current Affairs 3-4
History 5-6
Polity 5-6
Science 7-8

Tips and strategies for preparing for the SSC CGL General Awareness Section 

Here are the tips and strategies that you should follow while preparing for the SSC CGL General Awareness Section:

  • While you prepare for General Awareness section of SSC CGL, the common approach of the students is focusing on the Current Affairs section as this is the general requirement in the other recruitment and banking entrance examinations. But in the case of SSC CGL, this is not the case.
  • From the trend of the SSC CGL General Awareness section, you should know that the Static General Knowledge weightage is relatively higher.
  • You should focus on the SSC CGL General Awareness syllabus very well and pay attention to all the topics with equal attention.
  • You should look at the patterns of the SSC CGL previous years papers and then follow the pattern while preparing for the exam.
  • Although this is not wise to ignore the Current Affairs section, but at the same time, you should not invest a lot of time in this section.
  • You should refer to correct and credible study materials of SSC CGL exam while you are preparing for the General Awareness section of this examination.Read more about this website:  newsfilter

The overall general strategy for preparing the General Awareness section of SSC CGL 

Following the below-mentioned steps for preparing the General Awareness section of SSC CGL will help the aspirants very well.

  • Understand the basic topics that are being asked in the general awareness section of SSC CGL
  • Making short notes on the current affairs topics
  • Revise those hand-written notes at regular intervals
  • Giving regular quiz & online tests
  • Analyzing the mistakes done and trying not to repeat the same


Going through the above tips and following the same will help you prepare for the General Awareness section for SSC CGL well. You should ideally dedicate two months for the optimum preparation of the General Awareness section of SSC CGL.

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