What Are Crash Mats and How Can They Be Incorporated Into Training for Sports Such as Rugby and Cricket?

When it comes to training for sports such as cricket and rugby safety is always of paramount importance. Injuries can happen very easily, and in some cases can be career-ending. That’s why it’s important to have the best safety gear possible and to use that gear safely.

One piece of safety gear that is often overlooked is the crash mat. A good quality crash mat can help protect you from injuries if you fall while training or playing your sport. But not all crash mats are created equal. Some are better than others at protecting against injuries. So how do you choose the right one?

In this blog post, we will look at how you can incorporate crash mats into your training for cricket, and rugby and we will also take a look at some of the best crash mats on the market today.

What Are Crash Mats and How Are They Used?

Crash mats, also known as foam pits, are a type of safety equipment that is used to protect athletes from injuries if they fall while training or playing their sport. They are usually made of foam, and they can be either rectangular or cylindrical. Crash mats are most commonly used in sports such as gymnastics and diving, but they can also be used in other sports such as cricket and Rugby. They help to absorb the impact of a fall, which can help reduce the risk of injuries.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Crash Mat?

When choosing a crash mat, it is important to consider the size, shape and thickness of the mat. The size and shape of the mat will depend on the sport that you are playing, and the thickness of the mat will depend on how much impact you need it to absorb. It is also important to consider the type of foam that the crash mat is made of. There are three main types of foam: polyethene, urethane and vinyl.

Polyethene foam is the most common type of foam, and it is often used in crash mats because it is durable and lightweight. Urethane foam is more expensive than polyethene foam, but it is stronger and more durable. Vinyl foam is the least common type of foam, and it is not as strong as polyethene or urethane foam. While they all serve the same purpose there are a few different types of crash mats. Jersey mats for example are designed to provide a much softer landing than a traditional PVC crash mat as they feature a double knit jersey top which is also water resistant.

How Would you Use Crash Mats in Training for Cricket and Rugby?

Crash Mats can be utilised in many ways in sports such as rugby and cricket. For example, crash mats are a great way to help junior players improve tackling techniques. Using a crash mat will also introduce an element of fun into training routines while reducing the chances of players sustaining head injuries when coming into contact with hard surfaces. In the modern game lifting in lineouts is an essential skill and lineout jumpers get lifted to great heights which can occasionally be disconcerting for the player concerned. Having a crash mat to absorb the impact of falls can help promote confidence and ensure player safety until they are competent, and the moves come as second nature.

In cricket crash mats are regularly used in fielding drills when training inside. Crash mats are a brilliant tool to help players perfect the techniques involved in diving stops. Coaches routinely use crash mats to practise diving catches and teach players how to land correctly which will significantly reduce the chance of injury. With cricket being a summer sport which is dependent on the weather and training often has to be done indoors crash mats are a perfect piece of equipment to assist with this.

Final Thoughts

Within this article, we have only touched briefly on the ways crash mats can be incorporated into training for cricket and rugby to give you a starting point. Innovative coaches are continuing to develop techniques and find other ways to use them. Before deciding on a crash mat make sure you do your research to find out exactly which model would be most suitable for you.

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