The Most Impressive Triple Double of All Time

In basketball, a triple double is a statistical achievement comprising 3 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. But what if we were to measure such an accomplishment according to its unique standards? What if we considered triple doubles the most impressive performance possible in any sport?

What is a triple double?

Triple doubles are rare basketball feats that involve a player scoring 3 points, dishing out 3 assists, and stealing 3 balls in the same game. Triple doubles have been recorded at various levels of basketball but are most commonly seen in the NCAA Division I and NBA levels. Triple doubles are not just about scoring; they can also be achieved by rebounding, blocking shots, or making free throws.

Triple doubles in the NBA

Triple doubles have been a part of the NBA for years now, but what are they? A triple-double is when a player accumulates at least 10 rebounds, assists, and blocks in one game. The last player to achieve this was Russell Westbrook in February of 2018. Westbrook recorded 31 points, 10 assists, and 10 rebounds in a 131-124 victory over the Sacramento Kings. Although triple-doubles are not an official stat, they are still crucial to the game and can be used as a measure of success. Some players who have achieved a triple-double include Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Wilt Chamberlain.

Triple doubles in other sports

Triple doubles are rare in other sports but not as rare as you think. Baseball has had triple-doubles in the past, most recently by Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros in September 2016. A triple-double is defined as three points, rebounds, and assists in basketball. The last time a player accomplished this was November 17, 2017, when Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder scored 37 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, and dished out 11 assists in a 115-109 victory over the Phoenix Suns.

History of triple-doubles: Early examples

Triple doubles have a long and storied history in the world of basketball. Early examples include two players recording triple-doubles in the same game in 1976. Since then, triple-doubles have become increasingly rare, but they remain a popular statistical category. Here is a look at the key factors contributing to triple-doubles: 1) Triples are an effective way to score points. A player who can get to the free throw line often can convert those opportunities into points, which is why triples are so valuable. 2) Triple doubles can be incredibly beneficial for teams. If a team has multiple players capable of recording triple-doubles (especially if they’re big men), that team will likely be more successful than if only one player can pull off the feat.

What constitutes a triple-double?

Triple doubles are rare, but they do happen. A triple-double is a performance where a player gets at least 10 rebounds, assists, and steals in the same game. Triple doubles are considered an impressive accomplishment because getting all three of those stats in one game is challenging. There have been only 33 triple-doubles in the history of the NBA, and only 24 of them have been recorded by players who were still playing at the end of the season. The most recent triple-double was done by Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs on January 12, 2019, against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Triple doubles in the NBA: The modern era

In the modern era, triple-doubles have become a key statistic in the NBA. Triple doubles are when a player accumulates 10 assists, 10 rebounds, and 10 points or more in a single game. There have been more than 60 triple-doubles recorded in the NBA since its inception in 1946. Here is a list of the top ten all-time triple-double leaders in the NBA:

  1. Karl Malone – 48 triple-doubles over 18 seasons 2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – 38 quadruple doubles over 22 seasons 3. LeBron James – 34 triple-doubles over 13 seasons 4. Dwight Howard – 32 double-doubles over 12 seasons 5. Shaquille O’Neal – 31 double-doubles over 18 seasons 6. Kobe Bryant – 28 triple-doubles over 16 seasons 7. Russell Westbrook – 27 triple-doubles over six seasons

Triple doubles in other sports: Other examples

Triple doubles are rare in sports, but they do happen. In basketball, a triple-double is when a player scores 20 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. This has only happened 31 times in NBA history. In baseball, a triple-double is when someone records three hits in one inning. There have been just six recorded triple-doubles in MLB history. Triple doubles also happen in other sports like football, hockey, and volleyball.

Conclusion: The term “triple-double” describes a player’s performance of three consecutive doubles with at least one point scored in each. The first player to achieve this feat was Wilt Chamberlain, who did it on February 2, 1962. Chamberlain’s triple-double was the first of its kind and remained the most prestigious individual statistical achievement in NBA history. Since then, there have been 26 other players to record a triple-double. Of those buxic players, 22 have achieved the feat twice, while only six players have accomplished the feat three times (Chamberlain, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Melo Trimble, D’Angelo Russell, and LaMarcus Aldridge).

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