Sexual harassment at work in San Antonio: Get an attorney!

Dealing with sexual harassment at work is not easy. No matter the person, it is not something you should tolerate as an employee. Federal and state laws prohibit all forms of sexual harassment at work. If you believe that you have been subjected to sexual harassment, consider hiring a discrimination lawyer in San Antonio at the earliest. In this post, we are sharing a few basic aspects worth knowing. 

Types of sexual harassment

In general, sexual harassment is categorized into two classes – Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment. Quid Pro Quo refers to situations where an employee is expected to agree to offer sexual favors to get hired or promoted. For instance, if your supervisor threatens to fire you if you don’t sleep with them, it is a clear case of Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment. The second type of sexual harassment is called Hostile Work Environment, where an employee is expected to work in an abusive environment. This may include passive harassment. 

Understanding the examples

It is not hard to understand when someone is seeking sexual favors or making inappropriate advances. Sexual harassment may also refer to situations where one is offered benefits or a job in return for sexual favors. Other examples would include making gestures that are sexual in nature, making derogatory comments, sharing explicit jokes, commenting on someone’s body, verbal abuse, unwanted touching, or brushing. Sexual harassment is illegal and should be reported, regardless of the gender and position of the person on the other side. 

Call a lawyer

Just because you believe you have endured sexual harassment doesn’t always mean you have a strong case. You need evidence to prove sexual harassment, and sometimes, it can take secretive work to get evidence and build a case against the other party. If the concerned accused comes to know that you are likely to file a sexual harassment complaint, they will do their best to protect their side. An attorney can help you determine the steps to file a case. They can advise you on your rights, what you can possibly do to prevent sexual harassment or any advances in the future, and how to complain to the HR department. If your company doesn’t take action as expected, you can even sue your employer over the case of sexual harassment. 

Just don’t delay taking action if you are dealing with sexual harassment at work. No one deserves to be treated like that.

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