Putting Practice Drills

Putting is possibly the most challenging part of golfing and many people will never learn to be good at it without practice. You might not know how to practice this skill in the most effective way, however. There are lots of ways that people can practice this skill set and there is sure to be a skills training method that will work perfectly for your needs!

If you want to learn more about how to apply putting practice drills to your golf training, read on!

Putting Practice Drills To Improve Your Skills

1.  Use a Putting Mirror

Putting mirror golf practice can be very helpful to your putting skills. You will be able to use the putter mirror to align yourself with the ball and see your form as you are putting. You can be your own putting coach with this tool and you will be surprised at how much this tool can help you to improve your skills.

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2. Manila Folder Drill

Get a normal-size folder and place it at various distances from where you are putting. You will want to make sure that your ball stops on the manila folder each time. This is a larger target than the hole, but you can start with this square of material to help control the amount of force that you are putting on your putts.

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3. Meter Stick Drill

Get a metal meter stick and place it leading up to the hole. You will want to try to putt the ball down the meter stick into the hole. The idea is to be sending the ball perfectly straight at your target with the help of the stick to track the line you should aim for. This is a really challenging but very effective drill.

4. Tiger’s Gate

This putting drill requires that you set up two tees with just enough space for your putter to fit between them. You will want to practice hitting putts with your right hand only or left hand only if you are a lefty. You will then switch to putting with both hands again. You are not focused on the ball in this drill, but instead on the path of the putter through the tees. This drill teaches you to control the angle of your putter all the way through your putting stroke.

5. Pull Back Drill

For this drill, you will start out 10 feet from the hole. Putt and then wherever the ball ends up, you will put the ball that distance farther away from the hole and try again. Do not move back any further than 30 feet from the hole before starting over. The idea with this drill is that you will eventually be able to control the weight of your stroke.

Putting Practice is Important

You will want to be sure that you are taking the time to practice putting often. Putting is a bigger part of golf than you might think, and being a sloppy putter will make your whole game much less effective. Adding putting practice to your routine is a big help to your overall game.

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