How to find Instagram influencers

Influencer marketing is a natural way of growing safe instagram followers. They can help your business quickly by representing your brand to their highly targeted followers. But, finding out an eligible influencer is not easy. In this post, we are sharing some points on how you can find a good influencer on Instagram. 

Search on search engines

This is the direct and effortless way to find an Instagram influencer. Since influencers are in high demand, thousands of blog posts are written about them. You can easily discover influencers’ lists by searching on Google. For example, you can search for “travel influencers on Instagram” or “top Instagram influencer marketer in the USA”. You will find tons of resources this way. 

Find through hashtags

The hashtag is an unavoidable term in social media marketing. When it comes to finding out an influencer on Instagram, the hashtag is still your primary and free weapon. Before you start searching, you need to be familiar with different types of hashtags. Some hashtags are branded. Besides, you will find tons of industry-specific hashtags, even slogan hashtags. You need both skill and experience to find an influencer through hashtag search. For example, when you search for an industry-specific hashtag, make a list of people who are using it in their post. Now, you have to find out among the list if the user is an influencer or a hobbyist by overviewing his profiles.

Check out the audience

All Instagram influencers have a huge number of followers. However, when you are looking for someone for influencer marketing for your business, you must check out the type of audience they have. Choosing someone with massive irrelevant followers will not be much effective. He must have an audience that is ideal for your business. Besides, the influencer should have the minimum experience in your niche. Before hiring one, you should always check if he has relevant followers in your targeted location. 

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Confirm the engagement rate

Some profiles may seem like a good influencer. But, they are not eligible for influencer marketing at all. If you notice a person in your industry who is not very popular in spite of having a massive follower base, you should avoid him. Though he has thousands of followers, most of them are possibly fake. When you decide to choose someone as an influencer, your priority should be the engagement rate rather than the number of followers. Many dedicated tools are available to check out a profile’s engagement rate. Besides, you can look at an influencer’s content and the number of likes, comments, and shares to understand how popular he is. Moreover, you can ask him for a screenshot of his engagement rate on Instagram insight to know his expertise. 

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Check competitor’s followers

Influencers usually follow brands that are relevant to them. It is because they always find out the opportunity to get hired by brands. So, there is a high chance that some influencers are already following your competitors’ profiles. All you have to do is to discover them from the follower list.

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