How Refusing Medical Treatment may Affect Your Injury Claim in Conyers

Have you seen people refusing medical treatment after an accident? These people do not know that refusing treatment can complicate their claims in multiple ways. In this regard, you can seek Conyers car accident injury help. This blog will discuss How Refusing Medical Treatment may affect your Injury Claim in Conyers. Let us start-

Hidden Injury Risks

The absence of visible Injury does not imply a lack of damage. For example, in the case of a concussion, the patient may have a headache and defer treatment. This concussion can result due to internal bleeding or brain damage. Failure to diagnose the injuries in time and their treatment can lead to severe complications.

Lengthy Recovery

A proper medical treatment given in time can result in speedy recovery. In the absence of medical intervention, healing may take time, and you can only file the claim after maximum medical improvement. In this case, the patient has to wait for a more extended period to file the compensation claim. The defense can also use this thing against you in court.

High Damages and Related complications

In case of delayed diagnosis and prolonged recovery period, damage risk increases. You will have to take more leaves from work, substantial medical bills, and ask help from others to do daily chores. As the Injury progresses, the risk of Injury getting worse increases.

Comparative Negligence Claims

As per law, you are expected to mitigate your damages earliest. For example- you are taking proper medical advice and returning to work as soon as possible. Refusing medical treatment shows your failure to mitigate your damages, and the defense will use this against you in your claim case.

Difficult Valuing and Proving Damages

It is of utmost importance to prove the damages before the court of law to claim compensation for the damages. You can use medical bills, prescriptions, and receipts of other expenses to prove damages caused. If medical treatment is not taken, the defense will use that against you and argue for reduced compensation. It will help an attorney calculate your losses due to the accident and then claim the compensation amount accordingly.


Now you know how a single refusal of medical treatment can complicate your claim. Getting medical treatment not only speeds your healing process but also solves your claim issue rapidly. 

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