Filing a Car Accident Claim: Questions You May Need to Answer in the Process 

If you are looking to file a car accident claim, the other party may ask you to provide them with information and answer some questions. Your answers must be in writing and under oath. Also, they must be served within a particular time. Skilled car accident attorneys Los Angeles can explain to you what the other party might ask regarding your car crash. If your attorney determines that you have a valid accident claim and you decide to pursue compensation, they can advise you during this process to help you secure injury compensation. 

What is the Discovery Stage?

Once you file a lawsuit after being injured in a car accident, the formal discovery process can be initiated by either party. In this stage, both parties try to collect vital information on the case and the other party. The discovery stage allows both parties to exchange parties and includes requests of information, interrogatories, subpoenas, depositions, requests for document production, and requests for admissions. 

Interrogatories in Car Accident Cases

This part of the discovery stage involves a written set of questions that one party can send to the other. Such questions need to be answered under oath unless a valid objection is presented. Typically, these responses are used in a trial. Through interrogatories, parties can ask questions that offer related information to the case. In the state of California, interrogatories should be completed and returned within thirty days of getting them.  

Kinds of Questions Asked

In car accident interrogatories, the kinds of questions asked will vary by case. But some include how the crash took place, where a driver was going when the crash occurred, whether a driver has car insurance, the speed at which a driver was driving their car, the number of accidents a driver had before, and others. You need to prepare a list and description of your injuries, health care providers, and your wages. 

Other Information You Will Exchange with the Other Party

Both parties may also exchange details without the formality of interrogatories. This includes exchanging basic contact details and insurance information at the crash scene. Also, they can request copies of medical and work records. You and the other party can decide to exchange expert witness reports, a list of damages incurred, and witness identities. An experienced lawyer can help you prepare a subpoena to gather related documents for your accident case. Often, your initial consultation with them is free. 

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