Cryptograph is the first of its kind digital auction platform which has open the world of luxury and celebrity NFT auction. The platform provides highly exclusive access to the latest NFTs. When the Cryptograph “KOBE” was announced on August 24th, the Kobe Bryant Day, the world of sports and tech came together. The Cryptograph “KOBE” is a dream come true for all sports lovers.

“KOBE” is a collection of exclusive and never-before-seen images which feature the legend Kobe Bean Bryant. These images have been shot by none other than Davis Factor of Smashbox Studios, who is a leading name in LA photographer and director. It is a collection of unique and iconic images of Kobe Bryant, which were taken over 20 years ago while he was beginning his remarkable career.

All the revenue which the auction generates will be donated to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation. The foundation is a not-for-profit organization. The idea behind the foundation is to create a positive impact for the underprivileged athletes and young women in sports who harbor a tremendous amount of potential but lack the opportunities.

“Every time there is a transaction of a Cryptograph, the money is automatically donated to a cause. Because of this innovative model, what is even more special about this release is that the winner of the KOBE Cryptograph auction will not only be the 100% owner of the art, but they will also be supporting the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation forever.” – Tommy Alastra, Co-founding partner of Notes Cryptograph.

Cryptograph is the brainchild of leading entrepreneurs, impact investors, and blockchain pioneers who shared a common passion for using technology to bring about a positive change in the world. The Cryptographs are unique digital collectibles created by the icons and artists to provide unwavering support to various great causes and bring a positive change into the world. As Cryptograph has been set up by some of the leading names in Blockchain technology, it has helped to ensure that each Cryptograph is entirely owned by the purchaser and can’t be forged or destroyed. The money which is raised through each transaction is wholly used for funding various causes. With the coming up of Cryptograph, it has become easier to carry out fundraising for charities as the platform provides a global reach instantly. The company has opened up new avenues to do philanthropy in the age of technology. is the present and future of philanthropy.

The bidding of the limited edition KOBE NFT is now live on


The KOBE is a collection of eight digital photographs of never-before-seen first glimpses of the legend, Kobe Bean Bryant. These pictures were clicked during the beginning of his memorable career. Davis Factor, the founder of Smashbox Studio, is the brain behind the camera. At the moment of the shoot, Mr. Factor was sure of this being a monumental shoot, the moment he saw Kobe Bryant walk into the studio. Though the shoot was happening at the beginning of his career, Davis, a magician with a lens, captured his essence, which housed remarkable potential, youth, extra-ordinariness, yet ordinariness about him. As Kobe began to climb the ladder of success in the world of NBA, the lesser he would let people into his private life. Davis was very well aware of that.

Now more than 20 years later after the session, Davis Factor believes that it is time he shared this work of art with the rest of the world, which has been only for his eyes for so long. To share these one-of-a-kind pictures of Kobe Bryant, Davis could not think of a better partner than Cryptograph. Only they would bring these beautiful pictures to the world in a state-of-the-art manner. The collection consists of eight individual unique NFTs which immortalize the late legendary Kobe Bryant. All the revenues raised through the auction will be directed towards the benefit of the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation. Whenever any transaction is done at Cryptograph, the money is instantly credited to its championing cause.

About Davis Factor

Davis Factor is a leading name in the world of photography. He is a creative visionary who is a well-established entrepreneur with a passion for Philanthropy. Being the great-grandson of the pioneer of the legendary brand Max Factor, Davis Factor grew up in the world of Hollywood and beauty. He went on to study photography, with a graduation from the Prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. He graduated with a BFA and also taught there for years to come. In 1990, in partnership with his brother Dean Factor, they founded Smashbox Studios. In the later years, they founded the famous Smashbox Cosmetics. Today, Davis Factor is the SVP of Creative Worldwide for his brand Smashbox Cosmetics which Estee Lauder owns. Davis is renowned across the world as an award-winning photographer whose works have highlighted charitable organizations. The exceptional work has been exhibited all across the globe.

To bid on the KOBE collection or to know more about the various upcoming auctions, follow @Cryotpographco on Instagram and @Cryptohraph on Twitter.

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