Your Guide to Understanding College Basketball

Each season, the NCAA college basketball division kicks off in November and wraps up in April. During this time, plenty of action-packed games take place before March Madness and the final championship game.

Last season, The Jayhawks defeated the Tar Heels 72-69 to claim their fourth NCAA championship. In the 2022-23 season, it’s unclear which team will come out on top – but it’s going to be an exciting ride.

If you’re an NBA or general basketball fan, then you might be interested to start watching college basketball. To get started, check out the useful information in this guide.

There Are 363 College Basketball Teams

In the 2022-23, there’s a total of 363 college basketball teams spread across Division-I. Within the NCAA, there are 33 individual conferences, including:

  • Atlantic 10
  • American East
  • Big West

Teams fight it out in these conferences to make it to the final championship at the end of the season, with UConn and Houston being two of the big favorites to win in the 2022-23 season net worth.

Because the NCAA is so competitive, it’s a popular activity for fans to place bets on the games. If this is something that you’d be interested in doing while watching college basketball games, then you can use to access a college basketball betting model. This model makes betting predictions based on stats and data, meaning they’re more likely to be successful compared to traditional bets that are based on subjective opinion.

To bet on college basketball games, you’ll need to join an officially licensed sports betting app or website. Providing you’re above the legal gambling age in your state, you can go ahead and do it anytime you like.

The Purpose of College Basketball is to Prepare Players for Future Careers

Over the years, countless NBA players have made their starts in the college basketball world. Magic Johnson, Steph Curry, Michael Jordan – these are just some of the big names that have played college basketball before cementing themselves as legends in the NBA. Sure, not every NCAA player goes on to become an NBA player, but a large percentage of them do. College basketball teaches skill, discipline, and the ability to cope with high-pressure match situations, which is why it’s so effective at making big stars.

The ‘Player of the Year’ Race is On

Each year, each player competes to be the NCAA ‘Player of the Year’. Right now, the race is on – and there are plenty of contenders. Some of the names to look out for include Zach Edey, Trayce Jackson-Davis, and Jalen Wilson.

College Basketball Games Are Available to Stream

Many people think that college basketball games are played behind closed doors only for fans with tickets to watch, but this isn’t true. For decades, college basketball games have been streamed across major sports networks, from ESPN to Fox. Plus, you can now watch college basketball games through online streaming platforms like YouTube TV after signing up to their subscription-based programs. This makes it easy to watch college basketball games from any location, whether you’re at home or taking a break at work.

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