Why Cricket Most Famous In Indian Sub-continent?

Cricket is one of the top class games in the world. In this game, two teams participate, and each group contains 11 players. It is a ball bat game where one team takes batting, and another team does the ball. However, it was originally from England. But it takes more popularity in the Indian sub-continent. Mainly Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Srilanka, and the others of Asia take the Cricket as the first choice for the game.

In Asia, The people are very luxurious; they love to play and Spent their leisure time watching the International Cricket Game. There are also many leagues for arranging the High-level Cricket Game like IPL, BPL, PPL, SPL, and many more.

Because of the time-consuming game, many countries like Canada, European Countries, America doesn’t like this game. This game can divide into three parts. One is Test Match, throughout five days where two teams can play batting two times. Each Time is called One Innings. Another is One Day Match, which on One day. Here Each team can get 50 overs to batting. One day match is one of the favorite game for the fan. And Another is a T-20 match—the most exciting game for the Indian.

Every after four years, ICC ( International Cricket Council) arranges this game throughout the whole world. And most of the Countries of Asia, participate that occasion. In the Indian Sub-continent, many top class Cricketers across the globe. The top class Batsman is Virat Kohli, Tamim Iqbal, Sachin Tendulkar, and many more. There also has top-class Ballers like Mustafizur Rahman, Burma, Amir, and many more.

The people here take this game as a central entertainment and pleasure. Every Village children are love to play this game and don’t miss to watch the International Game. All classes of people live together and enjoy this game very much. You can see many children playing on the street. It comes from their love for Cricket.

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