What Pieces Of Advice Will You Get During Your Free Consultations?

If you have received workplace injuries, you will have to file a workers’ compensation claim so that all your losses are covered. Most states instruct all employers to get workers’ compensation insurance so that they are legally protected in case they get injured while at work. Hiring a good Richmond, VA workers’ compensation lawyer can assist you in a great manner because he knows all the rules and regulations pertaining to workers’ compensation. Before hiring him, you should meet him during free consultations.

What can you expect during a free consultation?

If you are meeting with an attorney for the first time, you can get a lot of knowledge and details about the laws specific to your case. Some of these details are discussed below:

Timelines for reporting the work-related injuries

An attorney will educate you on timeframes to report the accident. Many states have strict deadlines and if you fail to meet them, you are likely to get your claim rejected. The best way is to report your injuries as soon as possible. He will also make you aware of the limitations of the statute for filing a claim.

The right procedure to report the accident

Most employees tend to report injuries and accidents verbally. During this meeting, your attorney will educate you on how to report your injuries. You should mention the date, time, place and description of the accident through an email. Instead of verbal communication, written communication is preferred. He will guide you in such a manner that your claim is not hurt. 

Do you have a workers’ compensation case?

The attorney will assess the case facts to figure out whether your case stands valid. To do so, he can evaluate your injuries based on the medical reports as well as the situation in which the accident took place. Apart from this, he will also check your eligibility criteria so that your claim does not get rejected on these factors.

Do you qualify for a personal injury claim?

During the free consultation, he will also assess whether your case stands valid for a personal injury claim. If it does, he may suggest the best way to file both claims and the right procedures to do so. He will also educate you on state laws for such claims.

A free consultation is an effective way to obtain details on workers’ compensation as well as laws that protect your rights as an employee. 

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