What gloves are needed for boxing

Gloves are the most important element of a boxer’s equipment. Without them, neither participation in competitions nor the training process is possible.

But gloves are different from gloves. Poor-quality or unsuitable equipment can completely discourage the desire to play sports or, moreover, be the culprit of a serious injury. You will try to collect the best boxing gloves for become a good boxer.

Boxing Gloves:

How to choose boxing gloves:

There are many varieties of boxing gloves. They differ in weight, size, manufacturer, use (competitive, projectile, and so on). And these are the main criteria for choosing the best boxing gloves. Each of the boxers has more than one pair in the closet, precisely because they are used for different purposes.

It is highly not recommended to train in common gloves, which are in every gym. Firstly, it is unhygienic, boxing gloves are a purely individual thing.

Secondly, “gloves for everyone” is not a fact (and even, as a rule) will not suit you according to any of the parameters, it is uncomfortable and traumatic to train in them. The same can be said about any cheap inventory that is produced unknown where and is not legally certified.

Therefore, the basic principle of choosing boxing gloves is a well-known manufacturer brand that guarantees quality and is responsible for it. There are not so many such brands, and you all know them.

We will tell you about other features of boxing gloves, how they differ from each other.

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Glove construction

The design of boxing gloves can be different, you should also pay attention to this. Gloves for professional boxing are different from gloves for amateur boxing (Olympic).

In the first, you can completely clench your fist, in the second – no. But they also have something in common – that in another case, the boxer should not feel discomfort, and the design should protect the brush from injury.

Special attention is paid to the weak spot in the thumb area. The thumb should not be injured even if the blow is struck incorrectly or casually.

Boxing Gloves Packing:

The stuffing (filler) can also be different. It is chosen depending on the purpose for which gloves are purchased. It differs in rigidity, in the degree of shock damping, in elasticity.

One of the most important parameters of the filler is its durability. In cheap gloves, the stuffing gets off, in high-quality ones it doesn’t. When buying a product, pay attention not only to the cost (as a rule, the more expensive, the better, if we are talking about one brand) or the fame of the manufacturer, but also to the warranty that the manufacturer or store gives. The higher the warranty, the higher the quality of the product.

Wrist fixation:

Previously, fixation on an elastic band was used, now there are practically no such gloves. Basically, Velcro is used to fix the wrist, it is functional and convenient. But it still happens of different quality – good or bad grasping, durable and not very, narrow and wide. Lacing is still used in professional gloves that boxers use in competitions.

Glove Size:

There is no traditional understanding of size in boxing gloves. Paradoxically, the size of this inventory is measured by weight, and in ounces. Each ounce is approximately 28 grams, and here are the most common types of boxing gloves in size:

  1. 8 oz.
  2. 10 oz.
  3. 12 oz.
  4. 14 oz.
  5. 16 oz.Visit Here: 24hoursnews

Eight-ounce gloves are small and tough, used more in the training process. Sixteen–ounce gloves are very large, used by beginners and in training sparring. In professional boxing, 8-10 oz gloves are used, depending on the weight category of the fighters.

Types of boxing  gloves:

There are three fundamentally different types of boxing gloves – training (projectile), sparring, fighting.

The training ones are the toughest and are designed for practicing blows on sports equipment (bags, pears, wall pillows).

Sparring – safe, used in sparring with partners. Their task is to protect athletes from injury as much as possible.

Combat boxing gloves are used in official competitions.

Recommendations for care:

After each workout, the equipment must be dried outdoors. They need to be wiped from sweat, ventilated, and if an unpleasant smell has already appeared, then treated with special means.


By what criteria should I choose boxing gloves?

The main criteria are brand awareness, size, appearance, design, padding, wrist fixation.

How do they differ in size?

They differ in weight, the more ounces, the bigger the boxing gloves are.

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What types are they?

Combat, sparring and training or projectile.

How to take care of them?

Wipe and ventilate after each workout.

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