What are the reasons associated with a higher risk of divorce?

Divorce has become more common in modern-day society. America sees 40% to 50% of first marriages that lead to divorces, and 50% to 60% of second cases lead to divorces. Fighting divorce cases in recent years is easier compared to the previous days as the law is being simplified. To know more about the reasons behind the divorces, click here

Factors triggering divorces

Many reasons lead to divorces. Like marrying young, unrealistic expectations from marriages, less education, religious differences, premarital pregnancy, forming a broken family, living together before, etc.

Young age

Young people are naive with a bit of experience in life. The notion that movies and books have put in our minds is that the result of love should be marriage. Young people fantasize about the zeal of spending life together, but as they mature, they realize themselves out of love. 

Lack of proper education

People with a college education have lower divorce rates than those who are high school graduates or dropouts. 

Getting pregnant before marriage

Marrying for premarital pregnancy has a much higher chance of divorce. 

Belonging from a broken family

If you have childhood traumas and belong to a broken family, divorce also increases. The trauma and the parents’ reaction significantly impact your thought process. So without focusing on the point where you can work out, you tend to get drawn towards the easier option of getting separated. 

Religious differences

It may seem in the beginning that love will cover up all the differences. But as time passes, the differences in religious beliefs and ways of life significantly impact the marriage, leading to divorces. Also, studies have shown that people with more religious beliefs tend to get fewer divorces than those with less religious beliefs. 

Living together before marriage

If a person has lived with multiple partners before marriage, it is widespread for them to get divorced. You might think that living together before marriage helps you to know each other better before marriage and makes you sure whether you can get married, but according to research living together before marrying has already developed a sense that is inclined to divorce today. 

Having issues in marriage, if you feel you can not solve them yourselves before considering divorce, consider going to a marriage counselor. The marriage counselor will help you to reconstruct your lost faith in the marriage. 

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