What are the online tools that have greatly helped you in your startup?

An entrepreneur has an innovative idea and the ability to develop that idea to take it to the next level. Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are examples of well-known companies that were once ideas and eventually took the startup route and eventually became some of the world’s highest valuation companies.

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The process of building a startup from the ground up isn’t easy, but it is worth it. It’s a whirlwind of chaos, emotions, new developments, and countless trial and errors to find the right product fit and finally finalize the company’s mission and goals. Here are some online tools which can greatly help you in your startup:


Startups require considerable human resource capital and may have employees in a huge quantity, making it an arduous task for everyone to communicate effectively. Especially when decisions need to be taken instantly and timely feedback is essential. Slack can assist startups in multiple ways – from organizing different groups to creating various channels that allow for communication within specific groups, the opportunities are endless.

Additionally, as the name suggests, slack can be an effective tool for instant communication and sharing resources; simply ‘slack it.’ This online tool is available for use on mobile phones through its app and on the computer through a website or desktop feature.


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A key feature that distinguishes a startup environment from that of other organizations is the former’s need for a fast-paced environment where everyone is always on the go and continually coming up with new developments. This is where the need for project management tools comes in.

Trello is a user-friendly online project management tool that allows members in a workplace to stay updated with their assigned projects and subsequently helps supervisors track employees’ goals and manage various projects.

Startups require vast amounts of data and data collection, and organization can sometimes prove to be more challenging than expected. With the help of Trello, startups can utilize various components such as lists, boards, and display cards to organize information in an accessible manner, allowing for ease in collaboration and communication.

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When it comes to communication outside the office, work-related notifications on personal accounts or mobile devices can easily go unnoticed. However, startups require employees to stay on top of things to avoid lags or delays in different processes. This requirement can be challenging with communication taking place on different platforms.

Asana helps to create a shared space where teams can work together and collaborate in a customized yet comprehensive manner. The workflow management feature gives startups a platform to prioritize their goals and track their tasks promptly. The popular tool is also integrated with multiple applications, such as google calendar, zoom, dropbox, and many more.


The COVID-19 pandemic led to social distancing measures which eventually led to the gradual shift to remote work. This transition had businesses and especially startups adapting to the changing conditions whereby effective communication became imperative now, more than ever.

Zoom is an online video-conferencing tool that allows individuals to hold meetings in private rooms, screen share, make use of virtual whiteboards, and screen record meetings. Not only is this online tool easy-to-use, but it is also easily accessible and can be downloaded on cellular devices to stay in touch with colleagues, no matter the distance.


As mentioned before, startups house a plethora of ideas and require optimized data collection techniques to perform to the best of their abilities. With so many ideas pouring in, it’s impossible to take a mental note and effectively respond to each. Note-taking apps allow ideas to exist in one place and subsequently ensure work is in progress.

Notion is a top-of-the-line online project management tool that lays the foundation for organizing, planning, tracking, and implementing projects and helps in effective note-taking. If you’re looking to arrange all notes and documents in a manner which allows for sectioning, collaborating, publishing, or even keeping it private, notion is the app for you.

In this age of technology-driven processes and the need for optimization and efficiency, online management tools can go a long way. Startups especially can learn to benefit from these to help develop systems and ensure a standardized set of procedures. Along with optimizing their performance, online management tools can also help employees and managers stay updated and share important information.

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