What are the benefits of a bong, and should I buy bongs online?

We all know the reputation bongs have in broader pop-culture. The truth of the matter is, bongs are actually one of the more ancient methods of smoking tobacco, pioneered by Native Americans, albeit made from different materials than the modern components we use today.

This may leave you wondering, what benefits do ozbongs and other bongs bring to smoking tobacco? Given their portrayed use in most television and movies, it may surprise you to know that they are specifically designed to enhance cigarette smoke, and in a rather clever way.

At its heart, a bong is just a fancy bottle with some extra holes in. Down towards the bottom, a straight pipe fits in, with its chamber leading into the water that will fill the bong. At the other end, externally, is a small bowl where tobacco is packed for burning. At the top, the bottles opening, is where the user will pool to receive the smoke. Generally, a smaller hole is usually at the side of the bong base called a carb, which allows the user to regulate the amount of air mixed in and reduce resistance when inhaling.

Once the tobacco is lit, and the user pulls through the bong, the smoke bubbles through the water. Being channeled through the water does some interesting things to the smoke. For one, it cleans a lot of the residual ash and harshness from the smoke, while smoothing and cooling considerably. The use of various flavoring extracts, ice and even some forms of alcohol can flavor the tobacco, and in some cases, even deliver a slight buzz from said alcohol if the user is seeking this.

Tobacco smoke does pack a bit of a punch, so a bong may take a little getting used to. However, most people who switch to a bong from either a pipe or cigarettes find themselves reluctant to go back, thanks to the smoothness of the smoke as well as the need to smoke less.

What about ordering these online?

This depends largely on what kind of bong you are buying. Generally, they are made of one of two types of material – glass or plastic. So, if you are ordering a glass bong, such as many ozbongs tend to be, you will want to make sure that you order from a company with good shipping reputation, excellent packaging and some sort of warranty/insurance, as most international shipping and local parcel delivery services are less than gentle with merchandise.

When shopping around, read reviews. Don’t focus so much on the bad reviews, as every body is a negative critic online. Contrarily, pay close attention to those whom have taken the time to extol the virtues of a particular place selling bongs online, as well as particular models of bong. Pay no attention to reviews by people who are smoking questionable substances with bongs, as the experience will be radically different for them, and that is absolutely not what these wonderful smoking accessories are intended for.

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