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When a patient receives TCM, he or she is often seen by a physician from a different health care system. In most cases, a provider can bill TCM for a second-day, seventh-day, or fourteenth-day visit. If a patient is in the hospital, a face-to-face visit cannot be billed for TCM. Instead, a provider should use an appropriate E/M code for the visit.

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To diagnose a patient, a TCM practitioner will examine the tongue, the relative strength of pulse-points, and the quality of breath and voice. Depending on the condition of a patient’s tongue, the TCM practitioner will prescribe treatments aimed at clearing heat and nourishing the Lung. These treatments can be very effective for people who have trouble breathing and are experiencing constant or recurrent headaches. TCM is an ancient system that is widely used in hospitals and clinics around the world.

TCM is practiced worldwide, with an estimated 14,000 practitioners in the United States. As the world’s population becomes more aware of the benefits of complementary health care, more people are learning about TCM. In particular, TCM is an excellent place to start learning about other Asian complementary medical systems. In addition to its popularity, TCM is also widely accepted by doctors and patients in Western countries. With its diverse practices, TCM can help you heal yourself.

TCM uses a variety of diagnostic methods, including the Yin-Yang energetic system and a five-element theory to classify different patterns of illness. The five-element theory is the basis for a treatment plan and can include acupuncture, herbs, and lifestyle changes. In addition, TCM includes a psychological approach that includes Chinese psychology, which recognizes that unbalanced emotions affect a person’s physical state.

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