Simple Self Massage Strategy to help Manage Stress

Massage has been said to be one of the best strategies to help relieve stress and live a self-fulfilling life. Many benefits can be derived from massages. Physically, emotionally and mentally, you can easily be helped with massage. We work out ourselves every day and it is thus important to take proper care of ourselves. Very simple massages to the deep ones are available almost everywhere, but we can always give ourselves a simple massage or give it to others.

Some of the benefits that proper sensual massage offers you are a relaxed body and mind, adequate blood transport, the removal of toxic materials from the body and general reduction of stress. Today, there are several centers, parlors and therapist that offers more massages than in the past. However, several individuals have also started learning the process of giving themselves a message and giving it to others. You should explore the benefits that can be gained from massage. You could also help your loved ones and families ease themselves from muscle pain and backache with just a simple massage. While also doing that, you can also help yourself with this simple massage process. This can be done to the various part of the body, especially the back.

Most of the time, our back requires more massage than other parts of the body. Since we do a lot of work during the day while sitting, it is necessary to give a massage to the back regularly. Poor sitting position could also cause backache. You would most times need to go through a back stretch strategy to help you relieve the ache. Massages would also definitely help but you’ll need to focus on the spine and also the shoulder blade. Moving the fingers along these areas in a round or straight direction would also be beneficial.

As regards the feet, lots of pressure are being exerted on them every day. This must also be checked well to help ensure that there is adequate blood flow around the feet. An easy-to-do massaging of the foot upwards just along the ankle can be done. Some unique treatments can be given to the hands and arms to also relieve pain.

Put the arms on slight exercise by rotating them. Apply some strokes on it to help enhance blood flow. Circular movements of the arms can also be a good simple strategy to help work on the muscle and release the pain of the muscle joints.

Apart from the back experiencing a bad posture and its side effects.  The neck and chest region could also suffer from this. An Individual who doesn’t take note of this might experience pain also on this part. Messages should therefore be applied to this region by starting from the shoulder.

There are also special treatments and massages for the face and head. The Indian Head Massage is one specific type. Most of these massages of the head are done by moving the fingers and palm in a circular direction so that blood can properly flow in. One major importance of head massage is its ability to help prolong the beginning of face ageing.

Self-massage is very crucial for everyone to know. It is simple and the cheapest. When done properly it can also be beneficial to the recipient.  However, if you can afford to pay for the service of a professional, then that’ll be the best for you. If you wish to perform outcall massage Singapore, some points would help you. We would explain that in the later paragraph of this piece.  Pls, note that if you have some particular health condition or issue, it’ll be in your best interest to consult a doctor or a professional masseur as the case may be before thinking about self-massage. However, these are general tips for your self-massage process.

  1. Take note of your posture as necessary: You would want to notice what your postures are like whenever you are busy working and while you are not. When sitting down, do you have to pull your neck down to look through your phone or computer? Do you stand on your feet for long hours? What side of your body do you carry your child and for how long do you do it? Do you exchange this side of the body when you carry your child?. These and many more are some of the questions you’ll need to check when talking about the posture you put yourself at. When you feel pain in a part of your body, you should check what posture you constantly put that particular part at. A good body posture would quite help reduce pain. This is not all-encompassing but it is a point that must be taken note of always.
  2. Hydrotherapy: This is another tip that should be noted in case there is an injury to a body part. To help reduce muscle pain when the injury occurs, ice should be applied for about ten minutes in the area affected. The goal is to prevent inflammation and to ensure that blood circulates so that it’ll quickly heal. After this, heat can be applied to help relieve tension and also to relax the nerve.
  3. Sports activities: Some sporting activities can also help you relieve muscle tension. Tennis and golf balls are two great ones to use. Simply place your ball on your shoulder part while also holding it with your palm and your neck. Other types of sporting positions can also help you relieve pain in your body.
  4. Stretching: One other important tip is to regularly stretch some parts of your body to relieve the pain and stiffness of the body parts. You can relieve the pain of a part by constantly putting it through exercise by stretching it. For the neck region, you could lean your head on your shoulder, such that your ear is on your shoulder. While doing this, support your head by holding it with your hand. Do this repeatedly for 30 to 60 seconds to help you reduce pain in that part and to ensure blood flow easily.

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