Should I Switch to Vapes?

Long-time smokers, and that includes anyone who has been smoking since before about 2008, are finding themselves in a world less and less forgiving of their habit. Tobacco is growing increasingly expensive, and this is an out of scarcity nor difficulty of manufacture, but rather high tariffs, taxes and a general social attitude of discouraging this habit. This may sound manipulative, but it’s completely understandable.

To put it simply, smoking is terrible for you and can often seem inconsiderate to those around you. Secondhand smoke is deadly, and it does make a user small very much like an ashtray, something non-smokers don’t enjoy.

Ever since the 1950s when the hazards of smoking were first made public, a great many attempts have been made to remedy this problem, from various quitting aids of dubious capability to alternate ways to imbibe nicotine. Many switched to oral nicotine such as smokeless tobacco’s and chewing tobacco’s, but these are in fact just as bad for you, prone to causing tooth decay, gum disease and cancers.

It wasn’t until the turn of the century that E cigarettes, now more popularly known as vapes, hit the scene. They were not popular at first, because the first few generations of them were quite unpleasant. Today, however, a plethora of unique flavors and strengths of nicotine are available, and there are a host of benefits for those who need a nicotine fix.

Vape in Australia

Not unlike in Europe, smoking is extremely discouraged in all public spaces in Australia. There are parts of Perth, Canberra and Sydney where even walking down a sidewalk with a lit cigarette can result in a ticket or in the very least hostile reactions from those around you. No pubs, restaurants or the sort permit smoking, and a great many hotels and apartments are beginning to forbid the use of tobacco inside as well.

While a great many businesses prohibit the use of vapes inside their establishments, the nonintrusive nature of vapes smoke makes vape in Australia a much better alternative. It does not produce secondhand smoke, it does not leave a residue on the individual or their surroundings.

While a lot of clinical trials still need to be run, vaping does seem to be a healthier alternative, and while nicotine is never going to be a healthy habit, vapes contain none of the other, far more caustic chemicals present in cigarette smoke.

Choosing a good vape merchant

When looking for a good vape merchant, it’s best to investigate the brand. Brands that are available internationally, especially in Europe and the United States, are going to be a better bet. There are a handful of very well-known brands, and they all comply to stricter regulations than vapes made in certain other parts of the world.

Given the prolific nature of counterfeits, however, it is important to choose a merchant that actually knows about vapes. An actual vape store is your best choice for a vape merchant, especially one run by younger people whom have been early adopters of this new alternative.

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