Seven Small Business Marketing Tips for The Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a busy time for retailers. People shop for presents, look for deals and discounts, and are in the mood to spend. That makes the holiday season one of the most profitable for retailers as well. But when every retailer is doing their best to grab the consumer’s attention, how do you ensure that your business stands out?

You’ll need to market your business in order to ensure that people know what you have to sell. Marketing during the holiday season is a different ballgame altogether, compared to how you normally market your business through the year. Here are seven ways you can market your small business during this holiday season:

1. Use social media

Searching for presents has gone online, and many people begin their buyer’s journey through an online search. That means that you need to make your business available online as well. Social media has emerged as an important way people shop, with many people being influenced by products they find online. Have a business Facebook account for your small business, and use that to promote your products and services.

Create holiday-centric content, and share that on social media. If you have holiday-themed products or services available, then let people know about that as well. Share through social media information about any holiday promotions that your business might be having. Try to get your audience excited both about the holidays as well as what you have to provide. You can even create a customized hashtag for your small business for the holiday season.

2. Develop a loyalty program

Consider creating personalized marketing campaigns to make your loyal customers feel special. You can share customized messages or provide special offers and discounts to loyal customers. Providing special promotions through emailers or newsletters can also increase your customer retention rate. It can inspire people to come back and shop from you.

Providing thank you notes is another way to make your customer feels special this holiday season.

3. Highlight the benefits of shopping from you

Showcase why people should shop from small businesses this holiday season. Talk about how it helps strengthen communities, creates jobs for the locals, and helps support the local community. You can develop a brand narrative and share your story on social media to develop a customer base that resonates with you.

Building personal connections with your customers can enable you to increase their loyalty, as well as support for your small business. You can also host a holiday-themed event to get people excited about your brand during the holidays.

4. Faster shipping

With people busy buying products through the holiday season, shipping can often be an issue. Last-minute shoppers, especially, look for expedited shipping, so they can get all their shopping in time. If your small business offers expedited shipping, then you can expect buyers to make purchases from you right through the season.

Offering expedited shipping can also give you a competitive edge against the many businesses that don’t, allowing you to make more profit.

5. Give back to the community

During the Christmas season, customers enjoy making a positive impact in other people’s lives. Christmas is a time of giving, and this puts people in a giving mood as well, during the season. Consider offering a portion of your proceeds to charity. Choose a local charity that you resonate with, and provide them with funds at the end of the season. Let people know that a portion of what they’re paying will be going towards supporting a local charity.

This enables people to support a cause every time they shop from you. You can also set up a donation box in your shop, so people can donate directly to the charity.

6. Small business Saturday

One of the busiest days of the year for a small business is Small Business Saturday. That’s when people will be coming to make purchases from small businesses, expecting holiday discounts and offers. This is also a great time for you to capitalize on the peak season and increase your profits.

As a small business, your brand story will be what helps you stand out against your competition. This means you need to create a compelling brand story that allows you to grab the attention of consumers. An effective holiday marketing campaign, where you combine your brand narrative with holiday themes, can help you to attract more customers.

During this time, you’ll find that most businesses tend to promote special offers, as well as discounts. Some businesses may also promote how their products or services are more convenient than others. Since discounts and offers are expected during the holiday season, a better alternative could be to tell a story. Create a story around why you’re selling the product you’re selling, as well as what it has to do with the holiday season. This can make purchases from your shop more meaningful to your customers, as they will resonate with your brand message. This kind of marketing can enable you to boost customer loyalty as well.

7. Think about the future

Don’t think your window to sell wares is limited to Christmas. Many people continue buying presents, or even things for themselves, well into the new year. Many retailers continue offering deals and discounts even after the Christmas season to inspire people to buy.

People also spend a lot of money around the new year. Think about the new year parties, as well as people working on new year resolutions. The holiday season goes on until the new year, giving you at least a week more to capitalize on the season.

As the holiday season fervor dies down, it’s also important for you to reflect on your brand performance. Did you meet your sales goals? Which marketing strategies were effective? Reflecting on your brand strategy and understanding how your holiday season went can help you prepare ahead for the next holiday season.


The holiday season is a time when small businesses can make a lot of profit. People are in the mood to buy. If you can market your small business effectively, then you can ensure that your business makes the most of the holiday season. From using social media to participating in community events, there are several things you can do to effectively market your small business. Use these tips to market your business better, and capitalize during this holiday season.

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