Richarlison Says that Everton Lacks Ambition

The Brazilian star has been one of the best purchases for Everton despite it being second-most expensive in its history. Watford did not want to release its promising forward who has been instrumental in the team’s success appearing in all seasonal games and scoring 5 goals. His positioning and the ability to press the attack were highly rated by many experts.

The move to Everton

In 2018, Richarlison was signed by Everton for over $40 million which was one of the biggest purchases in the club’s history. The decision turned out to be a very sound one. The young forward fortified the offensive lineup and covered some of the gaps that the team had due to poorly performing attacking players. Richarlison was assigned a new center-forward position and performed well becoming the best scorer alongside Sigurdsson.

The next season was also fruitful. He scored 13 goals matching his previous record on the team. His next two seasons were less impressive. He scored 10 and 7 goals respectively. However, his contributions to the team were apparent. Many consider him the most instrumental player in the offensive lineup of Everton.

However, he decided to leave the team during his last year on the roster and moved to Tottenham Hotspurs. The player shared his belief that Everton was not ambitious enough for him and that his aspirations are much higher. With Tottenham, the Brazilian player has a shot at lifting the trophy with Spurs coming 4th during the last season.

Everton’s middle-of-the-pack performance is not enough for Richarlison

The young forward yearns for success and it is unlikely that he will get it with Everton, a very reliable club that only wants to keep its spot in Premier League. The team rarely takes any chances and bets on the motto of “slow and steady wins the race”. They are not interested in relegation, but they don’t shoot for the stars either.

Tottenham is a completely different beast with a desire to win each season. The team has not yet achieved the championship victory, but they have chances and try each year. For Richarlison, it is enough to leave Everton behind.

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