Professional kitesurfing school in Egypt

In this season, as always, we will try to do everything so that you can spend your kite vacation or weekend in Egypt as productively as possible! We will provide anything so you could learn to kitesurf, make new friends, have great fun, and feel warm under the sun, cared for and comfortable. Indeed, for our team, the most important thing is that you like it so much that you would certainly like to return to us again.

Fortunately, we always succeed as we strive to be the best kite school in the world. For this we spare no effort and money, improving the kite station and school every year. We carefully select instructors: our team consists of only qualified and experienced professionals who are able to ensure safe and quality progress in kitesurfing. We are a kitesurfing school in Egypt where each instructor is certified by the international kiteboarding organization IKO. This can be checked on the official IKO website.

Let’s see what kitesurfing is?

Kitesurfing (kiting) is one of the most exciting water and air sports. It is a kind of riding using the principle of surfing and riding from a wave on a kitesurf. Kiting is movement on any surface (water, snow or land) with the help of a sail filled with wind, on a kiteboard, surfboard, ski, snowboard or bugs, at the expense of a kite.

We offer a range of benefits:

  • highly professional trainers;
  • the latest equipment;
  • beautiful landscape;
  • acceptable prices;
  • high level of service.

The kite school cares about the health and safety of its students, so we conduct kitesurfing classes on the best, new, highest quality and most expensive equipment on the kitesurf market: these are Core, Duotone, Cabrinha, and Nobile kites. We update school kites every 2-3 months, it is very important for us that the kites fly well, the security systems work flawlessly, and our students enjoy their classes with the latest equipment.

Organize your holiday with us!

Each of the spots has unique and simply ideal conditions for kitesurfing, sandy shore, steady wind what is most important for beginners, shallow water. Each spot has its own unique places and features, but they are all similar in their positive energy to kite surfers, which are becoming more and more every year. Our kitesurfing school is one of the best in Egypt, with a professional team of instructors, powerful infrastructure, expensive professional training equipment. We live by the philosophy of proper organization of kitesurfing training.

The main thing is the result from pleasure, but what you will experience while studying here will hang in your mind for a long time, and maybe forever. You will feel how your lifestyle is changing, how your weight for some reason becomes more than pleasant, and the girls hone their ideal figures! But most importantly, an unreal surge of positive emotions! Because kitesurfing is more than a sport! We will make sure you receive pre-course guidance to speed up the learning process. Upon completion, students will receive their IKO Kiteboarder cards, which will allow you to rent and use kitesurfing anywhere in the world.

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