Scanners for Vehicle Diagnostics

Since 1980-s, most cars, made in Asia, USA and Europe, have an on-board diagnostic system, controlled by an electronic control unit (ECU). In case of failure, this system generates error codes, which are displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle. But in order to gain access to data on the health and operation modes of different modules, special equipment has to be used. You can find licensed scanners and other tools for diagnostics and chip-tuning of cars with ECU at ECU Tools online store.

Car Diagnostic Scanner

Scanner is a diagnostic tool which can be connected to OBD port of the car and provides the following functions:

  • error message management (displaying, decoding, providing additional information, dismissing);
  • displaying ID’s, models and other available data on ECU and other electronic components, installed on the car;
  • running performance and health tests on different systems and modules of the car, interpretation of the results of these tests.

Advanced scanners often also provide limited tuning abilities, including:

  • actuators control;
  • immobilizer management;
  • adjustment of seats, mirrors, safety bags, etc.;
  • correction of certain variables, stored at ECU memory (i.e. mileage).

Modern scanners can be provided as a stand-alone solution with the display, necessary interfaces, controls and pre-installed software, or as a complex of separate hardware adapter and a diagnostic program. Some scanners are universal and can be used for diagnostics of a wide range of vehicle models, while others are optimized for using for cars of certain brands.

Popular Car Diagnostic Tools

The following scanners have proved to be the most popular over the past few years:

  • AutoScanner Opel CAN – this famous software and hardware complex is optimized for diagnostics of Opel vehicles, manufactured after 1998. The unique feature of this tool is the ability to activate the board computer and control system on Opel Astra H and Zafira B models.
  • ScanDoc Compact – this universal solution consists of an adapter and diagnostic software package and is compatible with most modern ECU models and protocols. The distinctive feature of this solution is the compatibility with Chinese cars, including Geely and Lifan.
  • Scanmatik 2 PRO – this universal adapter can be used for both diagnostic and chip-tuning purposes.
  • Carman Auto i-700 – this scanner is a stand-alone tablet-like device with pre-installed diagnostic software, so it doesn’t require the use of a PC and can be used for express diagnostic in field conditions.
  • G-Scan 2 – this solution is similar to Carman Auto i-700, but is additionally equipped with a set of electronic instruments, including multimeter, signal generator and even compact 4-channel digital oscilloscope.

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