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For the preparation of masks at home, we use different ingredients. Most often it can be vegetables and fruits, and, as you know, the health of our skin depends on the choice of products.

Talk about lemon. It contributes to rejuvenation, tightening the skin and narrowing the pores. Use this ingredient is necessary in combination with cream, banana or milk.

For the owner of the problem and prone to fatty skin, the properties of the grape juice are fit. It is necessary to use only Freasha, since ordinary tetrapak juice will not bring you any benefit.

Method of preparation: The berries of grapes must be placed in the container, and with the help of a blender to grind to a homogeneous mass. Mask is ready to use.

If you have noticed irritation on your face, then in this case we advise you to use a spinach mask. Method of preparation: rinse thoroughly under water, then boil it over two or three minutes. With the help of a blender grind and evenly place the resulting mass on the face. The nettle in this case is also suitable, but it is necessary to cook it a little longer, to ten minutes.

Fruit and cream mask gives a noticeable result with dry skin. It invested the combination of useful trace elements that enrich and saturate the skin of the face.

As you know, we lack vitamins in winter, which leads to a deterioration in the state of the whole organism, and, therefore, it is reflected on the face. Therefore, we advise you to use sauced cabbage. It contains a lot of vitamin C. It is enough to attach it for 20 minutes and your skin will again become smooth and elastic.

With age, pigment stains become on the face, cope with which ordinary potatoes will help you.

Method of preparation: Sut the potatoes on the shallow grain, then apply on the face and leave half an hour. After time, washed off the mask with warm water. After such a procedure, the skin will acquire a light shade and will again become smooth and smooth.

If you wish to achieve a more bronze shade, we advise you to use a coffee scrub. Method of preparation: one spoon of ground coffee is pouring a small amount of boiling water. Insist for 10-15 minutes, then apply a scrub on the skin of the face, clean the skin with neat movements, then beware. The result will pleasantly surprise you, because the skin after such a procedure acquires a beautiful, slightly bronze tint.

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