There are many interesting players in the current Basketball league of Germany. They are playing as well basketball as you do at online slots. But one extraordinary ex-player of USC Freiburg stands completely out. She even throws the Eisvögel’s training schedule. The Eisvögel is the professional women’s basketball team of the German city of Freiburg. They even won the championships last time. Last season, with the help of Shiori Yasuma from Japan the USC Freiburg women’s basketball team could win its first German championship title. The celebrations afterwards were quite big since only a few people expected this. 

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So the current German basketball champion played, regardless of the changes in the training schedule against the team from Halle an der Saale, another German city, last Saturday, the 17.12.2022. That was a big and interesting game. Both teams could prove their skills. But what more is going on with the Eisvögel’s team?

How does their performance look this season? There was no question at all who had been the best player in Germany’s top women’s basketball league during the 2021/22 season. But we all know that you need a good team to win the championship and not only single good players. Nevertheless the Eisvögel played an amazing season and really proved what a good team they are. Now they look bright towards the next season with several changes in their schedule. 


It was mainly thanks to the Japanese national player Yasuma that the Eisvögel clinched the title at the end of April. Yasuma was unable to attend the celebration organized by the city of Freiburg on the city hall balcony the week after the playoff final, as was most of the team – due to positive corona results. And after that, she traveled to her home country, as preparation for the World Cup in Australia was on the agenda.

Because everyone at USC has taken Shiori Yasuma to their hearts as a person, a player, a teammate and a friend, it quickly became clear after the announcement of her transfer to the Italian top club Reyer Venice that the Eisvögel team wanted to see the set-up player again at the first opportunity. When Venice was drawn as the opponent of the only German European Cup representative Keltern, it was clear: On Thursday, December 15, the USC team will travel to the vicinity of Pforzheim – not to root for the Baden-Württemberg Bundesliga rival, but to pay their respects to Yasuma by being there – and to say thank you once again.

The third win of the season in the eighth point game, 96-74 in Marburg, created the conditions last Sunday to make coach Victor Herbosa merciful.

But then came the freezing rain – in Freiburg and the surrounding area was slithered on Wednesday. Uwe Stasch, vice chairman of the Eisvögel, who was supposed to steer the nine-man minibus to Keltern, canceled the trip. “The risk is too great,” he argued out of a sense of responsibility for the team. The weather conditions had a severe impact on the gaming schedule in several parts of Germany.

But just how strong the team’s bond to Yasuma still is was then shown on Thursday: road conditions allowed it, so five players (Emilly Kapitza, Paula Paradzik, Pauline Meyer, Hannah Little, Lea Rasenberger) drove to Keltern in two private cars – and cheered on Yasuma in Venice’s 94-65 win at the Green Stars. This is what shows a strong team with a great bond.

Watching her ex-teammate should be an inspiration for the Bundesliga game soon. Then the seventh in the table (6 plus points) receives the tenth-placed team from Halle/Saale (4 points). We can look forward to a nice game.


Although of great games and unique players the fan community seem to be quite small in many european countries. For too long now it seemed that the interest of the fans is low. German women’s basketball lacks professional structures. The league and the German Basketball Association want to change that. Even when it came to finals, hardly more than 2,000 viewers, i.e. the regular fans, are likely to watch the free live stream. But why is that? Apart from a few activities in social media, the league does almost no public relations work. Which for Probst is also the explanation for the fact that at most local media report on the DBBL. But compared to other leagues, such as volleyball, soccer and even ice hockey, in basketball you always have to search for information yourself. And you don’t get that delivered. And that’s super difficult for newsrooms that only cover women’s sports on the sidelines. The league doesn’t send out press releases, he said, nor does it have a newsletter or other information services for journalists and women journalists. It will be seen how the basketball league will attract new people. For sure this women basketball league is worth watching and the players deserve every support from their fans. But even without they are doing just great.

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