Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Fashion Influencer

Are you a newbie fashion blogger? 

Do you want to become a fashion influencer?

The competition is growing, and hence it has become challenging for you to outrank top influencers. Across the internet, you will find a plethora of knowledge about how to become a fashion influencer. However, what the internet lacks is the right knowledge about common mistakes that most influencers make.

Like many, I have also started from scratch and reach the level where I am present. It took tons of effort and knowledge to reach the milestones. However, it’s more important to learn about the mistakes that can ruin your efforts and degrade morale.

Here I am sharing a few yet prevalent mistakes that you should avoid as a fashion influencer.

Failure to Reserve Your Name across Different Platforms: If you want to become a brand, it’s essential to hold your name across different social platforms. However, many newbies skip reserving their names and end up with identical usernames that don’t adequately strengthen their brand/business. Most common places where you should reserve your name include:

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook Page
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Even if you don’t promote yourself across all social platforms, it’s important to ensure you have your presence across them. It ensures you can use them in the future (if needed).

Not Running Your Blog/Website: How can people know about your expertise in the fashion industry? Well, creating a website/blog is the foremost factor that viewers consider. However, newbies skip creating a professional blog and go for other practices which less are worthy of providing you popularity.

Another benefit of running a personal blog is that you can share the blog post across all social platforms. It will help you showcase your knowledge and keep using all the social platforms for branding/popularity.

Failing to Answer Your Email: Once you start earning a reputation in the fashion industry, it’s common to get queries from users. However, many fashion bloggers don’t heed their emails and continue filling the email without responding to them. Not responding to emails presents a bad image and hence detaches your customers/followers from following your daily updates, blogs, and even recommended products.

So, you should always integrate your business email into a smartphone that lets you reply immediately without any time delay.

Not Collaborating: Collaboration is an intelligent yet trending opportunity for fashion influencers to earn followers of other influencers. This is a good place if you are planning to expand your followers.

Still, many Fashion bloggers completely work as a one-man army, which restricts their growth to a standard level. They can’t get a hike in followers by collaboration. Some influencers even DM to other Influencers to collaborate, which seems unprofessional.

So, these are the common mistakes that you should not make if you are expecting tremendous growth in the fashion industry. Remember, patience is essential if you want to grow with hard work. There is no shortcut to success in any field.

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