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Using Dream SMP memes can be a great way to make a fun and unique gift for a friend or family member. There are many different types of Dream SMP images and memes to choose from, including fan art, fan fiction, fan t-shirts and more.


Despite its abysmal state of apathy, the Dream SMP has garnered an internet following. A cursory search yields several blogs and social networking sites dedicated to the cause. There are no shortage of memes and jokes, especially when paired with a thirst for knowledge. The fandom aficionados know all the ins and outs of the game, and are more than happy to share. The best part is the kinship. The dream SMP community is a tightly knit group of likeminded fans with a passion for the futuristic. Some fans even go so far as to recreate the game, albeit in a less-than-a-serialized fashion.

In addition to the usual suspects, the fandom is augmented by YouTubers, content creators, and ad hoc fans. A cursory search yields a treasure trove of videos, photos, and articles dedicated to the Dream SMP.

Fan art

Those who follow Dream SMP online are probably aware of the popularity of their fan art and fanfiction. But if you aren’t familiar, this is a roleplaying-themed Minecraft server. Rather than playing the game, viewers can interact with the characters and watch events unfold through different viewpoints.

The characters in Dream SMP are modeled after the personas of the YouTubers who play them. Players include YouTubers such as TommyInnit, Dream, and Tubbo, as well as gamers like Jschlatt.

Fan art and fanfiction for Dream SMP often focuses on the relationships between the characters. In fact, the fan fiction often shapes the wider storyline. Fans have even made their own merch sites. Purchasing merchandise from a Dream SMP fan art shop is a great way to support a talented artist while supporting a cause. The merchandise is printed one at a time, and each purchase puts money into the artist’s pocket.


DSMP, which stands for Dream SMP, is a fandom for Minecraft YouTubers. The community revolves around roleplaying on the Dream SMP server. Fanfiction has been a big part of the community, as well as art sharing sites. The popularity of DSMP fanfics is evident in the number of works of fanfiction found at the Archive of Our Own. Fanfiction is a genre of writing that is written for fans of a character, group, or video game. Fanfiction may have irl references, or it may feel uncomfortable for some.

The most popular fanfiction works are about the L’Manberg war, a fight between a faction led by Wilbur Soot, and the Dream Team. The L’Manberg faction was directly opposed to the main leadership of Dream SMP, and they were eventually subjugated.

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The song has won over millions of fans. The song combines different musical styles and character verses. It’s a complex song that lays bare the shortcomings of the characters. It also advances the plot.

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