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Justin Fields, the New Hope for the Emerging Talent of NBA

The NBA has been a dream for many young basketball players. With the emergence of players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry in the past decade, fans have become more interested in watching the game. With all this said, there is still room for improvement in terms of player development, and we have got a name for you as one of the best coaches of this time. Justin Fields is a basketball player who may be able to change the course of history by training some finest talents.

The Story of the Emergence

The emergence story is often about someone overlooked by many teams and then finding his way into the spotlight. But with Justin, this is different. His idol player is LeBron James. Justin has got no background or family affiliated with the basketball industry. He used to play basketball when he was six years old. For two years, Justin performed as the shooting guard while playing pro ball back in Beijing. His average points per game were 28 points.

The Moment of Epiphany

Justin loves to play pro ball and basketball. He had never thought of getting into coaching until 2014. When Justin Field was coaching Scarborough Blues, he realized he enjoyed doing this and wanted to pursue coaching as a career. Justin is a very hardworking man who likes to achieve his goals; this makes him a great coach and motivator. Justin decides to start his basketball training facility and help other kids accomplish their dream of enrolling in the NBA scenes.

Basketball Training Facility: A Dream Come True

Justin Field’s passion for helping others achieve their goals drove him to open a basketball training facility in Toronto, Canada, and he started training in 2016. Justin had to work extremely hard to be able to start things off from an idea. He worked at 3 jobs, and with lots of determination and consistency, he now owned his basketball training facility. The recent lockdown in the pandemic made things a little difficult for Justin, but he managed to carry on with the program. The training facility is giving back to society by helping kids be active and keeping them away from hitting the streets.

The Love for Kids

Everybody is welcome at Justin Fields’ training facility. Anyone can join the basketball training facility as long as they desire to succeed in basketball games, regardless of where they are from or what color they are. Justin Fields doesn’t care if he has money or not; all he wants to do is make youngsters happy. He enjoys watching kids growing up and evolving both skill-wise and confidence-wise. Justin Fields wants kids from prep school to high school to get into the NBA. He advises young people not to tear themselves up when they fail and to keep trying. Justin is turning every weakness of the kids into their strengths; be it in shooting, driving, or defence, he has all covered it.

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