Jtsup’s Reviews: Best Inflatable Paddleboard brands in China

Jtsup is a reliable brand in China that offers high-quality insatiable paddle boards. With jtsup, you have wide varieties to choose from, and they have great designs. Here are some of the best inflatable models they have:

JTSUP SUP 10’6 by 30 by 6 (299 dollars)

This inflatable stand-up paddle is made from the best military-grade materials. The rigid, sturdy, and blow-up solid sup board made from this lightweight fabric is long-lasting. It has a soft pad deck that is anti-slip, providing more safety and stability when standing. The JTSUP  sup is well suited for long r fishing, yoga, surfing, and carrying pets and kids in salt water and fresh water. Control carry bag, a leash, a pump, and a paddle.

JTSUP 10’6 by 32 by 6 (299 dollars)

This paddle comes with a premium floating alloy paddle, premium bag, a pump, and a safety leash. It is made from the top military-grade material and has a light fabric to provide rigidity and strength, making the paddle last even longer. You can use it for carrying kids and pets, fishing, yoga, and surfing. The deck of this inflatable paddle does not slip, making standing on the board easy.

JTSUP SUP 10’6 by 30 by 6 (289 dollars)

It is an inflatable that is aesthetically pleasing, and it comes in the color blue. The board is made from military-grade material with top-notch quality and has light fabric to provide a rigid, sturdy, and stiff board that can last for long. Its EVA deck is soft and free from slipping, making you secure and giving stability when standing. You can use it in salt and fresh water for yoga, surfing, carrying pets and kids, and fishing.

JSUP inflatable paddle board 10’6 by 30 by 6(329 dollars)

The board is lightweight and comprehensive, plus it has a design that does not slip for the stand-up paddle. It comes with a paddle, a board, a pump, a premium bag, and a safety leash with a coiled ankle cuff. It has a handle grip for comfort, an air valve, and fixed bungee tie-downs. The central fin in this paddle is removable, and a side fin provides extra stability. This JSUP paddle is durable, and it is resistant to UV rays.

JSUP SUP 10’6 by 30 by 6 (289 dollars)

This paddle is made from lightweight military-grade material, making the board more robust and durable. It has side fins for more steadiness and a central fin that you can remove. The deck pad is dual, and it is free from slipping. This insatiable paddle board has a D-ring secure leash clip and a secure tie-down bungee. You can get SUP accessories you need, like a pump, when you purchase this paddle, which is all around.

JSUP 10’6 by 32 by 6(399 dollars)

It has comprehensive and lightweight, plus its board does not slip. The inflatable board is made from thickened PVC and drop stitch surface that provides the paddle with sturdiness and is long-lasting for supporting one or two people. Additionally, the vast EVA cushioned deck’s patterning increases friction and comfort. You can use this paddle in rivers, lakes, seas, and tiny oceans for yoga, cruising, surfing, and sightseeing. It is excellent for beginners since it has a D-ring and an ankle leash at the end for safety. It has excellent maneuverability thanks to the triple panel fins at the bottom to better your speed, and you can take off one fin. It is perfect for , kids, and teenagers.

JSUP stand-up paddle 10’6 by 32 by 6 (329 dollars)

The JSUP inflatable paddle is constructed from lightweight military-grade PVC materials, which makes the paddle rigid and durable. It has an air valve, a handle grip for comfort, a D-ring clip, and bungee tie-downs for safety. As for the deck pad, it is dual and does not slip, making you steady when you stand up. You get accessories like a repair kit, hand pump, backpack, safety leash, an aluminum paddle you can adjust, and central fins you can remove.


JSUP inflatable paddle board 10’6 by 32 by 6(329 dollars)

This JSUP inflatable paddle is made of lightweight, military-grade PVC, which makes it rigid and long-lasting. It has a bungee tie-down system, an air valve, a handle grip for coziness, and a D-ring clip. When you stand up, the dual, non-slip deck pad keeps you steady and has a double paddle. It comes with essentials like a pump, backpack, repair kit, safety leash, aluminum paddle you can adjust, and prominent fins you can remove.

JSUP SUP  10’6 by 32 by 6 (359 dollars)

This board is thirteen kilograms in weight and is made from the best military-grade plus; its board is anti-slip to give you steadiness when standing. It has extra-light fabric to offer a strong SUP board that lasts long. It is an inflatable paddle board that is comfortable for prolonged SUP kayaking. This paddle is excellent for salt and fresh water, and you can use it for surfing, carrying pets and kids, fishing, and yoga.

JSUP 10’6 by 32 by 6 (299 dollars)

This JSUP paddle is constructed from military-grade material with a deck pad that is free from slipping. It also has light fabric for the SUP board’s stiffness and rigidity, making them durable. The EVA anti-slip deck pad provides safety and steadiness when standing. You can use kayaking, fishing, surfing, carrying pets and kids, and yoga for a long time.


These inflatable paddles are user-friendly and have a light fabric that provides rigidity and makes them durable. Different models are suited for, youth, kids, and teenagers; some are great for everyone. These paddles are high quality and come with the paddling essentials you may need. JSUP inflatable paddle boards are reliable, and you can use them for fishing, yoga, and surfing; you can even carry your kid or pet in these paddles.

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