Interview with Fitness Model PJ baker 

  1. Hello, Mr Pj Baker, How are you? 

I am doing fine, even with all the obstacles that life is throwing my way. Can’t complain, just gotta keep pushing and make each day better than the last one. 

  1. First of all, we would like to know what and who inspired you to dedicate your life to fitness and training? 

My kids and my health are the main reasons why I started to dedicate my life to fitness. I will do anything possible to prevent any health issues that will keep me away from them. I also like the challenge that fitness brings. I know a lot of individuals that will start but then stop and that’s simply because it is a challenge and a lot of people don’t like to face challenges but I love it!!! 

  1. Were you always interested in being a fitness trainer or did you have other plans but ended up being such a successful gym trainer and boxer? 

I have always been an active person. And I always loved boxing and fitness, I just had a lot of distractions and mishaps that took place that stopped me from achieving the goals that I am reaching now. I know I’m not there yet but I feel like I am heading in the right direction.

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  1. What struggles did you face in reaching this point, where people know you and consider you as a great fitness trainer? 

I faced a lot of diversity, losses, injuries, etc. But you live and you learn. People see the consistency and dedication that I am possessed with and see the growth and I believe that’s what attracts people to me. And that helps me stay motivated to give back and aspires me to inspire. 

  1. So Mr.PJ Baker, what changes did you have to bring in yourself and in your lifestyle to get this dream body? 

I wouldn’t say my dream body because I feel like you have to be awake to obtain what you want, but I will say I had to stop and get rid of alot of negative things, thoughts, and people first to reach my goals and to be honest I am not even close. Feels like I am just scratching the surface. 

  1. What was the biggest challenge and biggest achievement throughout your journey?

The biggest challenge I will say was just getting in a rhythm and staying focused and locked in mentally. That was the hardest part I will say. And the biggest achievement so far I will say is just touching more people that I’ve done in previous days. As long as I touch somebody and inspire somebody a day then my job is done. I feel like that’s an achievement I will like to keep continuing to achieve through my journey. 

  1. Mr.PJ baker, your Instagram is a source of motivation for everyone, especially your clients. Audience would like to hear some motivational tips from you. 

The motivation I will give my audience and people that are reading this is to just simply be yourself and never give up on your goals and dreams. A lot of people will start something but never get to see the finished product because of someone putting a negative thought in their mind. So just stay true to yourself and block out all negativity and know you can accomplish anything in the world if you really put your mind to it!!! 

  1. How do you cope up with maintaining your lifestyle, and dealing with the clients in your busy schedule? 

I maintain my lifestyle pretty well because fitness is my lifestyle so it really maintains itself. And as far as clients, I answer a lot of questions people ask on Instagram and other social media networks as best as possible. But I do make sure I respond to everyone’s questions. 

  1. Where do you see yourself in future? Do you have any plans to take this journey as a fitness trainer to any higher level? 

I see myself in the future having a brand that will motivate people which is called LiveFree. LiveFree is a brand for the people. It will help people with a weak mind set get strong, it will help people that battle depression and stress, and it will just also help with everyday life struggles. It’s not all about your physical attributes, it’s about the mental and spiritual attributes as well. 

  1. Mr PJ Baker, it would be a pleasure if you share your website and other sources from where the people can contact you. 

Yes you can reach me and contact me on Instagram @iambakerfitness or you can email me at [email protected]. If you can’t reach me there and have any business inquiries you can also reach my manager email at [email protected] or Instagram @_jun_iii

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