How to Transport Your Horse Internationally: A Traveler’s Guide to the Dos and Don’ts

The Ultimate Guide for How to Transport Your Horse Internationally

This guide will teach you all about how to transporting your horse internationally, from figuring out what type of transportation to use, to preparing for international travel with your horse.

If you want to take your horse with you on a trip abroad, then this article will teach you everything you need to know, and provide an in-depth list of helpful tips and tricks.

Taking your horse abroad for a show or competition can be stressful. If you’re going to travel with a horse internationally, you need to do a lot of preparation and research beforehand.

Packing for an International Horse Journey

Packing for a horse journey is an important step in preparing for the trip. This packing list includes only the essential items needed to make the journey safe and comfortable.

-Blanket or cloths

-Towel or cloths

-Saddle pad/blanket

-Horse blanket (if necessary)

-Halter (if necessary)

-Stall guard (if necessary) -Rope, string, or chain (if necessary) -Brush/comb -Shampoo -Lotions, ointments, bandages

Traveling with Horses Overseas

The horse is a majestic animal and we often see them as the stars of the show, but they also deserve an air flight for their own safety and security.

Horses are typically transported by truck, which can be quite dangerous. The stress that the horses endure during these trips is off the charts. It can lead to exhaustion, dehydration, and anxiety.

It’s not just us humans who need to fly – our four-legged friends also need a safe and caring airline seat.

The Importance of Air Travel Safety for Horses

Horses are large animals with delicate, thin skin that is not accustomed to the environment of most vehicles. When traveling by any mode of transportation, it’s important to take into account these factors.

In the world of horse travel, there are three main modes that will be discussed in this article: driving a horse carriage to their destination, loading a horse onto a truck trailer for driving, and flying them on an airplane.

Flying a horse on an airplane requires certain considerations to make sure they have a safe and enjoyable flight where they don’t feel claustrophobic or panicked.

Most people don’t realize the number of calculations and considerations that go into flying a horse on an airplane. The flight attendants must consider the size of the animal, weight, and length. They also need to know if it is a stallion or a mare because stallions are more aggressive and need to be given extra space.

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