How to choose a logo style

Creating your own logo is not difficult, nowadays there are many ways that simplify this task. The Turbologo generator does a great job with this, which will develop many logo options in a short time. But not every logo will be able to positively influence the emotions and feedback of customers. It is important not only to stick to your taste, but also to build on certain styles. They will help you choose the right direction in the overall design, understand how to stand out from the competitive crowd and competently develop an effective brand name.

What is a logo?

The logo is a unique sign of the company that introduces the client to your activities. It is by the logo that many judge the quality of a service or product, and decide whom to give their preference to. An attractive logo can increase the popularity of your company, thereby increasing the demand and interest of people.

An effective logo should be:

– distinctive (it must be different from other manufacturers or organizations);

– warranty (to guarantee the promised quality of a service or product);

– aesthetic (to attract the attention of buyers and stand out from the competitive mass);

– informational (logo design should be associated with the main activity of the company).

By devoting sufficient attention and time to the development of a logo, you can get a permanent job of a brand name, and at the time of opening a business, gain the trust of customers faster.

How to choose a logo style?

If you want to achieve a lot of attention for your logo, then when designing it, you first need to understand the existing styles. It is important to analyze your audience and competitors before developing. In this way, you will mark for yourself all the preferences and tastes that can be used in the design.

There are a large number of logo styles, but we have collected the most popular and commonly used ones:

  1. Font style. A logo design in this style should be entirely built on the words or letters that make up the name of your company. In this case, you will need to create your own font to be original. For example, the Google logo is as simple as possible and consists of several colors that are associated with the multitasking service. This style option will suit you if your name is short and you want it to be remembered faster.
  2. Emblems. The oldest and classic type of logo that can show its personality through the text inside the shape. Such a design will be more detailed due to the presence of lines, various thematic elements and the ability to apply several shades. To show your company from an interesting side and at the same time convey a sense of reliability in design, then this style will definitely suit you.
  3. Abbreviations. If your name is too long, you can highlight it with an abbreviation. This logo style cuts the name of the organization down to memorable and easy to pronounce parts. The famous letter “M” of McDonald’s stood out precisely according to this principle, so there are a lot of ideas in this direction.
  4. Abstraction. Abstract designs are made up of geometric shapes: lines, rhombuses, squares, triangles, and so on. An abstract figure is quite difficult to come up with, but such a logo will definitely be not only creative, but also interesting. A popular variant of this style is the “Adidas” logo, which combines strong text with simple shapes.
  5. Combined logos. The combination of letters and drawing is the most advantageous version of the available styles. Icons and text can be placed in any position, while the space around the elements is not filled as on the emblems. Due to the presence of two elements, the company will be remembered much faster. For example, a crocodile icon without a name is immediately associated with the word “Lacoste” and vice versa.

The combined logo will have two advantages at once: it is a sign that visually conveys information about the company’s activities and the name of the company. This combination is well received and stands out.


By becoming familiar with logo styles, you will be able to determine the main idea in the design much faster, and this will significantly reduce your time and effort on creation. Try to put meaning into the design, it will be a personal feature of the brand name that will generate interest. Don’t be afraid to be creative, combine existing styles and you might be able to create that perfect logo anxnr.

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