How Rugby Can Teach Discipline and Respect

Rugby was first developed in England during the 1800s and has rapidly risen in popularity over the last century. In fact, rugby has become an increasingly popular sport across the world, with an estimated 9.6 million people playing rugby at the close of 2019. But why is it loved by so many? And in particular, why are more of us choosing to take up this contact sport?

From the values it instils to the benefits it can offer, here’s how rugby can teach discipline, respect and so much more.

Increases Confidence and Self-Esteem

From mastering skills on the field to working as a team, rugby is an excellent sport for increasing self-esteem. In particular, a good coach will encourage their students, reward skills and successes, and help them to improve their gameplay. In turn, being part of a team means players can earn respect from their teammates, which can improve their confidence and self-belief.

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Builds Social Skills & Sportsmanship

Teamwork is an essential component of rugby and as such, this sport teaches players how to work together. By playing selflessly, communicating and problem solving, players are able to build friendships, rely on one another and in turn, enjoy a sense of pride and camaraderie. This is crucial as the team can only succeed when all players are united.

Rugby Teaches Respect

Despite its rough nature, rugby is a game that demands respect of its players. To function as a team, all players must respect one another, their coaches and referees, as well as the values and tradition of the sport. Additionally, each member of the team must respect opposing teams, supporters and decisions. Essentially, respect is essential to success.

Instils Boundaries and Discipline

Discipline is at the centre of rugby, as while it can be a brutal sport, all players must act with honesty, integrity and control. Each teammate must be able to control their emotion, aggression and anger, and learn to carefully channel it into their gameplay. All players are taught to play fairly and accept the rules and boundaries of the game.

Improves Physical Health & Agility

As a physical sport, rugby can offer a whole host of mental and physical health benefits. This includes improving the cardiovascular system, building muscle and strength, boosting bone density and increasing flexibility through rapid twists and turns. Of course, even the most disciplined players aren’t free from freak incidents. However, the health benefits of rugby far outstrip any negatives.

Further Benefits of Playing Rugby

In addition to the areas listed above, rugby can also provide many other benefits. This includes learning to accept failure, building tolerance and improving analytical skills. No matter your reason for choosing to play rugby, with so many advantages, it’s easy to see why this sport continues to increase in popularity.

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