Exercise bikes: Guide to buying the best of 2022

If you were looking for information on which are the best exercise bikes to buy, you came to the right place. With how hectic life is in modernity, it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve a balance between responsibilities with work and responsibilities with the body and health, but you have to find a way!

My best friend has a Decathlon stationary bike at home, and he told me that since he has it, losing weight and strengthening muscles has become a fun daily activity, so I decided to buy mine! But of course, I chose an exercise bike on Amazon, to have many more options and better prices, and the result has been more than satisfactory. If you are also looking for a comfortable and cheap alternative to keep fit, here I will make your search easier by briefly telling you what I took into account to buy mine. Read stationary bikes reviews and comparisons in this guide.

How to choose the best exercise bike

The first and main thing is to know all the characteristics that an exercise bike usually has so that when you go to explore all your options for sale, you know how to recognize which model offers you the best quality and maximum performance depending on your needs, and thus You will be confused when buying.

Upright or reclined

There are 2 different exercise bike models, which I will tell you about in more detail a little later. The recumbent bike is more efficient for toning your thighs and buttocks. The vertical will be more useful to lose weight and strengthen the abdomen. In addition, the upright exercise bike often serves as a spinning exercise bike.

Oscillating mass weight

In order for stationary bikes to generate the same resistance as a bicycle that is moving forward, they bring with them a metal disc with a certain weight, which is what we rotate when pedaling, and the results obtained in your training will depend on it. If you want to lose weight and get resistance, I recommend a lower swing weight, between 3 and 8 kg. Whereas if you’re already in great shape but want to build muscle and increase your leg and core strength, you’ll need a bike with plenty of swing weight, 10kg and up.

Saddle comfort

Remember that training on a stationary bike requires sitting on the saddle for at least half an hour continuously. Try to buy a device whose saddle is as soft as it is resistant, or at least offers the purchase of a padded cover separately.

fluidity when pedaling

One of the most important aspects is if you want to prevent your training from having unwanted effects. The pedals must rotate smoothly, without friction or jams, because although this does not prevent you from toning up or losing weight, in the long run, these interferences when pedaling could hurt your knees.


Ideally, the magnetic resistance indoor bikes you want to buy allows you to adjust the height and position of the saddle and/or handlebar because in this way you ensure that it is comfortable to use regardless of whether you are short or tall.

Maximum weight and height

Every training machine has its limits. Check if your weight and height are considered within the maximum that the exercise bike you want to buy supports.

Training monitor

Although it is not essential, almost all modern exercise bikes have a very useful training monitor that provides information about your progress, such as the distance traveled, the speed achieved, the time you have been pedaling, the calories burned on the exercise bike, and others.

Pulse sensor

If you really intend to train long-term and evaluate your performance, this is a plus that is quite useful. Some exercise bikes have a pulse sensor built into the handlebars and offer to link any separate pulse sensor to the training monitor so you can keep track of your heart rate and adjust your training accordingly to continue to see progress.

Ease of assembly

Unless you want to spend a little more money to have your bike assembled by a professional, I recommend choosing a model that is not too hassle to assemble. 

Of course, have your own instruction manual or video tutorial with clear explanations.


The best thing about having a bike at home for me is that I can exercise at any time I have available in the day, be it early when I get up, or at night when I get home from work, and that is only possible for me because my exercise bike It’s silent and doesn’t bother anyone. I recommend that you take this aspect into account, especially if the possibility of watching television, reading, or listening to music while pedaling appeals to you.


I do not have enough space at home to assign a permanent place to my exercise bike, so it seems very important to me to choose a model whose weight allows it to be transported from the training place to the place where I am going to store it, and for this, it is even better if it is a folding model.


An aspect to consider both to know if it fits in the place where you plan to train and if it fits easily in the space where you plan to store your exercise bike. Measure your spaces in the house well and then check the dimensions of the model you like so you don’t have a fiasco buying a model so big that you can’t locate it anywhere.


On the one hand, there are some simple stationary bike models that include only the base with its pedals, while on the other hand there are models that offer more benefits than those of a gym, with applications for Smartphones and advanced training programs.

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