Everything You Need to Know About QB Training

The QB training is for Quarterbacks or Quarterback coaches.

The QB training course includes documents, pictures, charts, and clips to ensure that QBs go through all the aspects of the game.

You will get private quarterback lessons in the QB training session so that the focus will be on your training and improvement. The focus would be on your strengths & weaknesses so that you get better at the game.

The QB training and quarterback lessons can make you a real pro at the game!

What Will You Learn in the QB Training?

You will learn the following things in the private quarterback lessons:

  • Basic principles of quarterback to the advanced level.
  • Details about the play types
  • Identifying defenses
  • Coverage recognition
  • Helps to know how to attack the coverage
  • A short instructional video on how to integrate certain dropback passes into ANY offense using Bonus Wrinkles
  • Suggestions for Determining the “Right” Drills

The full course is for quarterbacks in any offensive system and at any age.


Here are the lessons that you will learn in the QB training:

  • Base quarterback IQ
  • In-Depth Defensive Recognition
  • RPO (Run Pass Option)
  • Plan to Attack All Coverages
  • Plays to Install in Any Offense
  • Get Ahead of Your Competition
  • Ending/Contact

Programs and Camps

Let’s study now about the quarterback programs and quarterback camp.

1. Black Ops

Black Ops is a national camp that brings together the best quarterbacks to provide top-notch quarterback training that increases performance on game day. It is an amazing opportunity where you can train along with the best quarterbacks in the country. It is a single-day camp for training.

2. Flight School

Flight school is a premium quarterback camp experience that gathers NFL quarterbacks. Top quarterbacks from high schools and middle schools collaborate with those from colleges to exchange ideas and sharpen their techniques.

You will get elite private quarterback lessons and instruction to help you advance your skills.

3. OFF Season

In middle and high school, participants in the training program receive thorough instructions. The training will be the same as the professional quarterback; thus, you can expect high-level training in these private quarterback lessons. Thus, you must take the experience of the off-season training program.

The professionals will help you maintain accountability by monitoring your development over the course of a phased approach each month.

4. Skills Sharpening

This training program happens during football season. This helps the athletes concentrate on the team aspect of the game and the fundamentals they have developed during the offseason.

The skill sharpening program is very important for QB Success. The private quarterback lessons help the players push harder to reach the next level.

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that quarterback training can help you make yourself a pro at the game. The training is provided by professionals who are very well-versed in the game. The training sessions and camps will help you push yourself harder and make you a next-level player. Thus, you should take the QB training; it grinds you and benefits you greatly!

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