Do’s and Don’ts of Exercising When You are Experiencing Back Pain

Are you experiencing back pain in Singapore, but you still want to continue with your exercising routine? The good news is that you can do that, and actually, exercises will help strengthen your back muscles and relieve back pain.

However, it is important to know that there are dos and don’ts to ensure that you don’t injure your back more. If you follow these tips, you will notice that your back pain will improve and feel stronger.

1.    Don’t Just Lie There

The worst thing you can do when you experience back pain is to sit back and avoid all your activities. By doing this, your back muscles will become stiff, and thus you may take more time to heal. So don’t just lie there; try moving and working the back muscles as this improves blood circulation and makes healing faster.

2.    Don’t Skip Your Warm-Up

Don’t skip your warm-up when your back is aching. The warm-up session is supposed to relax any tight muscles and prepare all your muscles for exercise. Therefore, if you skip the warm-up, you exert sudden pressure on your back, worsening back pain.

3.    Don’t Lift Heavy Objects and Avoid High Impact Exercises

Although exercising is ok even if you suffer from back pain, this does not mean you should do all the heavy impact exercises you were accustomed to. The best way is to start with light exercises that don’t exert too much pressure on your back and then increase as you recover. So heavy lifting is out of the question the first weeks after you are injured.

4.    Don’t Ignore the Pain

Don’t ignore your pain! Ensure that you go for physiotherapy in Singapore and be honest with the therapist to get the help you need for a speedy recovery. Additionally, if the therapist recommends total rest, do just that because they are experienced enough to know what is best for your back pain.

5.    There are More Than Land-Based Exercises

If you feel that your back pain is too severe and limits you, so you cant do the land-based exercises you love, don’t lose hope. Water aerobics and other pool exercises are a great way of relaxing and rehabilitating your back muscles.

6.    Stretch

Stretch your back muscles as this is an excellent way of reducing back muscle spasms. So any chance you get to stretch your back muscles. There are various types of stretching, so you can do different types in the morning and evening so that they don’t bore you.

7.    Find out What Causes the Pain

Pay close attention to your back muscles and understand what movements lead to severe pain. Discuss them with your therapist, and they will help you on how to avoid aggravating your back muscles and create an exercise plan that takes your back pain into account.


There are various things you should know If you want to exercise although you are suffering from back pain. As long as you follow your therapist’s instructions, you will realize that if you exercise correctly, your back pain will reduce and become stronger than before.

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