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Founded in 2006, PureVolume is one of the premier music streaming services in the world. The site features a variety of genres of music and is available in over 30 languages. Unlike other streaming services, PureVolume focuses on the art of music and creates albums that are more than just songs. The company has also been a pioneer in protecting their users’ privacy.


Designed to promote emerging artists, PureVolume is an apt name for this digital music platform. In fact, the site is so much more than a simple music streaming service. The site also includes an A&R tool for record labels and a social media platform for artists. The site features PurePicks, Pure Promos, and a slew of other cool stuff.

Aside from providing a portal into the minds of musicians, the site also allows consumers to find out what’s hot in the music industry. The PureVolume website contains a host of information, from new releases to top tracks. The site also enables consumers to connect with other fans. Users can create profiles and follow their favorite artists, and track their favorite tracks.

The PureVolume site also has a cool looking site map that includes some of the most popular musicians, bands, and genres in the country. The site even includes a “Pure Picks” page, which is a list of the day’s biggest hits.

Acquired by SpinMedia in 2010

Originally, PureVolume was an independent music website. In February 2010, SpinMedia acquired PureVolume, along with five other music-related websites. The company also owns Celebuzz, Punk News, Buzznet, and XLR8R.

PureVolume launched in 2003 as a way for indie bands to promote themselves. The site allowed them to upload free songs, offer exclusive sessions, and track music they liked. The service also featured an online community, where fans could interact with musicians.

PureVolume was one of the first independently run websites in the music industry. The website was created by Unborn Media and Nate Hudson. They published editorial content, as well as music related news. The site was launched as the music industry was battling file sharing. Eventually, PureVolume changed its color from orange to blue. It hosted yearly parties at music industry conferences, such as SXSW.

Sold to Hive Media in 2016

Founded in 2003, PureVolume is a world-class music social network that boasts the lion’s share of the buzz. It is also a remarkably effective tool for promoting indie artists and bands. The site was a great way to promote free downloads, which helped bring Paramore to the masses.

In addition to PureVolume, SpinMedia also owns a variety of music-related websites, such as Stereogum, Hype Machine, and Pop Matters. In addition to its music-related properties, SpinMedia is in the business of producing videos, magazines, and books. It is also a part of the Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group.

While Hive has not yet officially acquired PureVolume, the company has officially rebranded itself as SpinMedia. The site was actually relaunched as SpinMedia in March 2013, after BuzzMedia purchased it in July 2012. The company has offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Tel Aviv. In the words of CEO David Levin, Hive will be focusing on the “entertainment sector” and “building and growing brands and platforms for consumers and advertisers”.

Music for streaming

Founded by Brett Woitunski, PureVolume was one of the first music websites to be run independently. It was designed to help indie artists promote themselves, and allow consumers to find new bands.

PureVolume is a digital music streaming service that focuses on rock music. It has a variety of features and categories, and allows fans to upload and share their favorite songs. It also offers news, music videos, and a search bar.

Artists can also make their own profiles, and add music to it for free. This is a great way for fans to interact with the artists. Typically, the profile will have a number of photos, a few songs, and other basic information. The website also has an editorial section.

In the past, PureVolume has reported on and removed illegal music files. This may have led to claims from musicians or the government.

Protecting your private information

Choosing the right music streaming website for your needs isn’t a one size fits all endeavor. To find the best for your buck, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the following factors. Some websites will only cater to particular genres of music while others will offer a wider range of options. It’s also a good idea to check the privacy settings to ensure the privacy of your personal details.

For the money, you’ll want to steer clear of sites that require you to provide your name, email, and address to download any songs you want. For instance, if you’re an avid Spotify listener, it might be a good idea to switch to a site that will let you download your favorite tracks on demand.

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