Cannabis cures various diseases Can, especially cancer?

The legal status at the time of writing the article is as follows. Legally, marijuana is classified as Category 5 Substance Abuse: Public health institutions or organizations can employ individuals to grow cannabis for research and treatment. Initial amnesty was issued to patients in need of medicinal cannabis. Enough of cannabis for personal use can be possessed within 90 days if more than the required quantity is possessed during that period. Excess marijuana must be sent to the government to destroy.

After the legal cultivation of marijuana began 90 days ago, the general public who use marijuana for medicinal purposes Only legal marijuana must be used. The part that we planted ourselves. It’s against the law. As for the details, you have to look at the regulations that will come out continuously. But of course, it’s not an unlock. Who wants to plant, who wants to smoke, who wants to sell? Whoever wants to own it can do so freely. Or to the indiscriminate sale of food does not strictly.

Come back to the issue that was the subject is. Cannabis Connection cures cancer. Let’s get to know each other.

Marijuana (Cannabis, Marijuana) is a tropical plant. Humans have used the young shoots and cannabis leaves for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

There are many types of cannabinoids, but two of them are believed to be important:

THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) helps reduce pain from cancer. Nausea from the chemotherapy drug

cbd öl (CBD) can help reduce seizures, stress, paranoia.

Before reaching the results of various experiments, Let me explain a critical point. For everyone to understand first, this is “in the various experiments that have come out, almost all of the extracts or synthetics from cannabis used are delta-9-THC”. Please keep this point in mind. that is so because The current management of cannabis is as follows:

Cannabis is administered by ingesting fresh leaves, dried leaves, or boiled water. In this method, cannabis delta-9-THC is absorbed low (6-20%). Blood levels are approximately 1- 6 hours after eating and remain in the body for a long time. Because the half-life is about 20-30 hours, but what is more important is the substance delta-9-THC received from eating. It will be converted by the liver (Metabolite) into another substance, 11-OH-THC, which affects the brain. Makes the mood and consciousness change as well. This time, many of you may wonder. So what? It’s just like THC. It’s just different from what the doctor wrote on the front. It is essential to conduct research studies on various drugs. Researchers need to know how much and what chemical they are studying, so ingesting cannabis that can’t predict delta-9-THC levels produces a second substance. Would inevitably cause the research results to be inconclusive. There is only one study in which cannabis tea is consumed. During chemotherapy, It was found to be of no clinical benefit.

Administering cannabis with smoking will give the body a faster exposure to delta-9-THC. The level of the drug in the blood rises faster (2-10 minutes) and decreases from the body faster (about 30 minutes), and more importantly, the body converts to low levels of 11-OH-THC. Therefore, studies using fresh cannabis or dry administration methods are mainly cannabis smoking.

Cannabis extract administration Herb extraction can be done in different ways depending on the substance used, such as water, alcohol, oil, etc. But the most common method is cannabis extraction with oil. Is cbd öl In this type of extraction, the extract contains both important substances, delta-9-THC and Ccbd öl (CBD), in different proportions. Depending on the cannabis species, extract, and extraction method, the standardized cannabis leaf extract on the market is Nabiximols (Sativex) with a THC: CBD ratio of 1: 1 available in Canada, New Zealand.

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