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Health and Fitness Blogs

The benefits of exercising are many. But finding the discipline to begin and stick to a training program can be tough. Health fitness blogs offer inspiration and motivation. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned athlete, you can benefit from a health fitness blog. A health fitness blog is a helpful tool to encourage you to begin and maintain your training regime.
Tony Gentilcore

Fitness trainer Tony Gentilcore has been writing about health and fitness topics for many years. He is the co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance and a frequent contributor to several leading health and fitness websites. His blog is known for its regular postings on topics ranging from introducing new exercises to recovery.
Jessi Kneeland

Jessi Kneeland’ health fitness blog is an excellent resource for women who are struggling with body image issues. This coach and writer shares her own experiences and provides advice that is both motivational and straightforward. In addition to writing and speaking about health and fitness, Jessi also offers mental health articles and tips.
Terri’s blog

Terri Trespicio is a writer, host, and expert on healthy living. Before creating Terri’s health fitness blog, she hosted a daily call-in show on Martha Stewart Living Radio. She has also appeared on Dr. Oz and The Early Show, and has written for many health and fitness magazines. She believes in the power of positive attitude, exercise, and healthy eating. This is why she’s so passionate about helping other people work on their temples.
Timea’s blog

If you’re looking for a blog with a fitness focus, Timea’s health fitness blog might be just the thing. The personal trainer and avid runner shares tips and workout routines. She also recommends her favorite products.
Ideal Fit

The Ideal Fit is a health and fitness blog that focuses on helping busy individuals get in shape. This blog is easy to read and is filled with quality content. The owner of this site is a high-performance fitness coach and expert who focuses on helping women achieve their ideal age. In addition to focusing on health, the blog also focuses on age-related challenges.
Joe Wicks

If you’re looking for a way to burn fat and get in shape, check out Joe Wicks’ health fitness blog. As a former PE teacher, Wicks is a world-renowned health and wellness coach. His website features recipes and video tutorials that will help you lose weight. He’s also a popular TV personality who hosts his own fitness shows.

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