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BDCricTime is one of the leading cricket websites in Bangladesh and is well known among the country’s sports enthusiasts. The site is totally devoted to the game of cricket. It contains the latest news, live ball-to-ball coverage, articles, Cricket fixture lists, analysis, player profiles, team rankings, Live scores, videos and cricket statistics from around the world. It has an excellent group of staff who do their best day in and day out to provide 24/7 updates on all things cricket.

BDCricTime was the first of its kind in Bangladesh as a bilingual Bengali and English cricket website and has over time established itself as the largest and most popular Bangladeshi cricket portal. It has official names on the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with its Facebook page boasting 6 million followers.

Our cross-platform community includes our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other digital platforms. Our commitment to quality and creative content, in-depth analysis, interactive sessions with fans, sportswriters and cricket experts ensures the community grows and reaches multiples every day. And above all, we bring the fans closer to their sporting heroes and give them a voice. 

BDCricTime takes great pride in how its work impacts the real world and how it uses its powerful reach to promote to and with the people of Bangladesh. We also provide the best high quality live score updates of day by day matches of Domestic or International.

BDCricTime is exclusively the brainchild of Md Jabed Ali. As a huge cricket fan personally, he first thought about the prospects of managing Facebook pages of national cricketers and launching a website that would be fully focused on promoting Bangladeshi cricket. The latter idea brought BDCricTime to life in 2011, originally named bdcricteam.

BDCricTime is one of the world’s leading cricket websites and we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and insightful editorial coverage of all major cricket tournaments, Live score, Cricket fixtures with a commitment to bringing you news quickly without sacrificing accuracy or integrity.

In an industry that has worked by set patterns and formulas, we have created a unique series of articles that are quick to read, easy to digest and deeply appreciated by our readers. Not only does this make BDCricTime an informative site, but it also puts us in the Entertainment category, and that’s how we get perfectly into the Infotainment categories. Our content is divided into different categories, designed with the interests of our readers from around the world in mind.

Visit the BDCricTime Match Center to catch live action from around the world. Watch matches, check ongoing competitions and leagues, check out and join teams and clubs in your area, find your friends currently playing with BDCricTime and search for talent if you’re a club or are a professional organization.

BDCricTime by experienced writers brings you the blunt vision of each game and also what’s happening off the field. The content we generate is available on desktop, mobile web and mobile apps. We focus on keeping up with current and trending topics and produce original content to give readers a fresh perspective.

BDCricTime provides live cricket scores from all international tours and trophies like ICC T20 World Cup, ICC ODI World Cup, ICC Test Championship, ICC Women World Cup 2022, Champions Trophy, Australia Tour of Pakistan 2021, Sri Lanka tour to India and also series between Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Furthermore, we also cover all leading and domestic leagues like Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League (BBL), Pakistan Super League (PSL), Caribbean Premier League (CPL), and Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) away. Abu Dhabi T10 League, T20 Blast, County Cricket, Super 50 Cup, the Hundred, Women’s Big Bash League, the Hundred Women’s Competition etc.

First and foremost it was just a non-profitable amateur company called bdcricteam. But it has been officially operational since 2013. 2016 saw a major shift change when what was then bdcricteam was rebranded to BDCricTime, under the name you know today. But throughout this journey, Mr. Jabed has always remained the captain of the ship, having run BDCricTime quite successfully as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). BDCricTime received the 2019 BASIS National ICT Award for Outstanding Contribution to Cricket in the Digital Arena. It was an outstanding achievement for the BDCricTime team and for the growth of cricket, especially in Bangladesh.

We interact with cricket clubs, players and fans via social media and drive targeted traffic to the site to display content such as club awards, club features and weekly round-ups of the best cricket-related content.

Our mission is to improve, promote and protect the future of cricket as a global sport through incisive, engaging and thought-provoking journalism and broadcasting, and to provide a voice for the global cricket community to:

  • Improve, grow and protect the future of cricket as a global sport
  • Challenge the status quo and constructively hold game stakeholders, guardians and those in power to account
  • Publish new and innovative ideas and initiatives
  • Inspire people to get involved with the game at all levels
  • Make positive changes in people’s lives through cricket

BDCricTime brings you all the latest news from the world of sport including cricket. Read the latest headlines transfer rumors and league action as the stories unfold. You can even share news and sports scores with your friends and followers through your social channels.

Now cricket is at your fingertips. You can enjoy watching cricket and seeing your favorite cricketer score a big score. Calculate the number of sixes, four runs and centuries scored by your top Indian and foreign cricketer in cricket matches played in different locations around the world.

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