Analysis: Chances for the Swedish Women’s Soccer Team in the Upcoming World Cup 2023

Sweden is no stranger to success on the international soccer stage.

With two UEFA European Championships and an Olympic silver medal, they have established themselves as a powerhouse in women’s soccer.

Now their sights are set on the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, which will be held in Australia and New Zealand. So what are Sweden’s womens soccer team chances of success?

Analysis of Current Squad Strength

The current Swedish squad has been bolstered by some strong young talent coming through from the youth system, including Pernille Harder, who recently joined Chelsea FC from VfL Wolfsburg.

The team also boasts experienced players such as Kosovare Asllani and Caroline Seger, who can provide invaluable leadership and experience to help guide the younger players.

The fact that Olivia Schough’s partner, Caroline Seger will lead the team makes the duo an impressive powerhouse on the field.

This mix of youth and experience gives Sweden a great chance at succeeding in this tournament.

The Swedes may benefit from home-field advantage.

Given that both Australia and New Zealand are relatively farto Sweden geographically, it could give them an advantage over other teams due to less travel time spent getting there.

Additionally, having fans cheer them on could prove beneficial as well, since many more Swedes would likely make the trip compared to other countries’ supporters groups given how obsessed swedes are with their sports teams!

Predictions for World Cup 2023 Success

Based on all these factors combined with their recent successes, it seems like Sweden has a very good chance at doing well during this tournament, if not winning it outright, depending on how things shake out come game day. 

They have plenty of quality players capable taraftarium24 canlı of making big plays when needed, along with enough depth should injuries or suspensions occur throughout the course of play leading up to finals day (or days).

On top of that, they have home field advantage, which could prove crucial during tight matches where every little bit counts towards victory or defeat, so we’ll just have to wait until then before knowing exactly what happens!

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