A Step-by-Step Guide for Students

A good rule of thumb is to set a timer for two to three minutes every paragraph. Spend three minutes working on your concluding paragraph before heading back to the beginning of your essay. It’s time to revise your introduction if it doesn’t reflect the tone or viewpoint of the body of your essay.

Ensure that your essay begins with a great hook.

You may use a variety of hooks to persuade your reader to read your essay.

As an example of a jaw-dropping or interesting fact, consider the following:

The subject of your essay might be a personal experience or a major event in the life of the person you are writing about. Anthony, for instance, began to dress more casually and got involved in social change at the age of 26. She grew up in a Quaker household and practises her faith to this day. If you need essay writing service, please visit our website.

Negative comment: an insulting one

It’s OK as long as it relates to the subject of your essay. Something like this is one of Anthony’s most well-known sayings: “Those who are always preoccupied with preserving their good name and social standing will never be able to make a significant difference in the world around them. There are no excuses for not publicly and privately declaring your support for ideals that are condemned by the majority of people and then having to deal with the fallout that follows. If you really believe in what you’re doing.”

We guarantee that you’ll never forget the following tale:

This kind of literary device is a short narrative used to make a point or demonstrate an analogy. Begin your essay with a tale or occurrence that is both lyrical and enthralling.

Do you have any good questions to ask yourself??

An effective method of drawing the attention of readers is by asking a question. Consider the question, “Did you ever wonder how women in the United States were granted the right to vote?”

Now is the time to compose the three most important paragraphs of your essay.

At the absolute least, each paragraph should offer an illustration of your central idea. You should begin each paragraph with a strong claim, followed by an example that proves your primary argument. An article on Susan B. Anthony serves as an excellent illustration of this.

The following is the opening statement for the body of the essay:

It’s up to you whether or not you begin by citing Anthony’s early achievements. Consider the Women’s Loyal National League, which Stanton and Anthony established in 1863 in New York City. First national women’s political organisation to provide women a forum to speak out on problems like sex slavery and the right to vote, it had 5000 members at its founding.

The body’s second paragraph

Alternatively, you may mention Anthony’s mid-career stumbling blocks. A split in the women’s movement occurred in May of 1869, when Anthony and Stanton formed the American Woman Suffrage Association and the National Woman Suffrage Association.

Gender Equality and the Right to Vote Organization (AWSA).

She rose to the rank of president of the NWSA in 1890 and continued the battle long after the war had finished, for example, Anthony committed their whole lives to fighting for women’s suffrage. Since married women were not allowed to sign official papers, Anthony’s status as an unmarried woman afforded her an advantage in the eyes of the law.

Three paragraphs in particular stand out:

There are numerous speeches she gave in her latter years encouraging women to vote and advocating for equal rights for all citizens. It was because of Anthony’s contributions to women’s rights and equality that the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was enacted, even though she died in 1906.

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