8 Top Tips how to Make An Action Sports Video Edit

Editing an action sports video is not a difficult task. However, making a stand-out video requires effort and techniques. If sports are your forte, then for you to make a perfect, attention-seeking action video requires three important aspects.

  • Ideal Camera for shooting delectable shots
  • The right video editing software
  • An apt soundtrack for the Background music

Keeping all three aspects in synergy gives the desired output. For those looking to make an incredible action sports video, this article shall serve you the purpose. Let’s quickly learn the top 8 tips to create a dynamic action sports video.

Top 8 Tips to Make an Action Sports Video

With the video-making aspects that we discussed earlier, the first two play a prime part. You must select a decent camera that can be held steady and shoot clips without much shake. Even if there is distortion in the video, the right video editor can help you stabilize the same. But it would help if you suited the right software that synchronizes with your style of editing. 

There is much online software available in the market. If you plan to edit a video in less than 10 minutes, this must be the pick. Further, with more than 4000+ templates, you get to use them for any niche. 

1. Gain Inspiration

This is probably the first tip we would like to give you to make an action sport video. There is tons of content available online in the form of videos that feature action sports. You can watch them and watch out for the specificities. The angle with which the video is shot. Which part of the video is highlighted, the color used, and the music employed? The ideas are the ones you must concentrate on. 

2. Action Cameras

It is highly recommended to use action cameras to get desirable clips as you shoot the video. Indeed, it would help if you took many POV-type videos that can be used as a highlight in your video.

Having said this, limiting your shoot only to POV-style clips does not serve the purpose too. Use different mounting angles to shoot other angled videos. It will be of great help in making a complete video that gives the best results once edited. 

3. You Act and Someone Films it

You need a team to get the video shoot done. You cannot do an action and take the video alongside. And no selfie technique can work in this regard. You must have at least one person to shoot as you feature in the video. Or, there must be someone who does the stunt, and you record the video.

If there is a team of 2 to 3 members at the back end, then using 2 to 3 cameras can give you different shots from different angles. Remember, the more the video clips stacked, the better the editing result shall be. 

4. Choose the Music First

This might sound unconventional, but to make an excellent action sports video, let us go the other way around. Choose the soundtrack that you wish to play in the background as the visual is played. It helps in giving you ideas about the angles and shots that you need to take. It is an inspirational technique that aids you in choosing the right shots.

Moreover, synchronizing the video with music aftermath may not fetch you the right results many times. Even if you cannot select one soundtrack, keep 2 to 3 in mind and shoot the video.

5. Get Different Lifestyle Filmed

It is a horrible experience to edit a video without much variety in the recorded clips. At the same time, keeping many action clips in the same place may also be boring for the audience. So, attempt to film videos in different areas so that you get a different ambiance. Moreover, shoot the lifestyle of such places, and you can also display it as a visual difference between the action clips. Stack the video clips as much as you can so that editing work can be fun and enthusiastic.

6. Select the Right Tool

We were discussing this earlier. But the way to select the tool is what we will learn here. Remember, most online editing tools are rich in features. So, please do not select the editor in terms of its features. Majorly, you will not be able to do it as you will stay confused.

Moreover, if you are looking at cost-effective tools, free online video editors are available in the market. Experts suggest you choose 3 to 4 tools and attempt creating videos from all four tools. Keep using it for a week or so and check which tools suit your editing style. Select that and keep that for use. 

7. Learn From the Tutorials

Getting hands-on experience in using the tool is a must. For that, you must learn from the tutorials available on the respective websites. Even if you do not find any video content on their website, many are available on YouTube. Learn from them.

Use the video used by the tutor for learning purposes. It will help you compare your work with that of the tutor. Do not forget to learn the tips and tricks too. It will help you complete the editing task pretty fast. 

8. Curb Your Expectations

Though philosophers and motivational speakers ask us to aim high, we would like to tell you to limit your expectation for the first few times as you make an action sports video. Too much anticipation shall make you go haywire. You might end up nowhere. Limit your expectation, write down what you want from the video and then start filming the same. Remember, none gets right the first time.


Outstanding Action Sports videos are there with few trials. Attempt to make three, and you will get the one you desired. Consistency in using the software shall help you make delectable videos of your choice.

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