6 Types of Golf Tournaments

Golf is a sport for anyone. No matter the gender or age, people love golf. It’s a sport full of different and interesting options. The game never gets boring, and it’s a perfect excuse for people to spend some time outside. Competitive and unpredictable, this exciting sport has been popular in the States for quite some time. This is why people love golf tournaments so much. 

If you’re currently planning a golf tournament, you should remember a couple of things. Firstly, you should pay attention to the formatting options and host a challenging tournament. Consider the skill level of the players and the purpose of the game. This will help you determine the atmosphere of the tournament and the type you will choose. 


One of the most popular formats is scramble. This is the perfect tournament for players of all skill levels. If your players are mostly beginners, this simple game will be the best option. Anyone could play, and the goal is to just have fun. 

When it comes to rules, they aren’t complicated at all. Each team has at least two players, and every player tees off on each hole. After the team picks the best shot, the players drop their ball. The important thing is to drop it within one club length of the best ball. They then shoot from there and this is repeated until the ball is in the hole. 

Best Ball 

Another rather simple tournament format is the best ball. Your players could play as individuals or in teams. However, the teams shouldn’t consist of more than four people. Their goal will be to have the lowest best ball score. In a round, every team member plays their ball. bundlenews

The lowest score of each team is picked after each hole. After 18 holes, the winner is the team with the lowest score. Larger teams could play 2 Best Balls format. The rule here is to take the two highest scores of the team after a hole.

Chapman or Pinehurst 

Two-person teams go head-to-head in the Chapman or Pinehurst tournament. This tournament is rather interesting as it merges different formats into one. In the beginning, the team members take a tee shot. After the teammates switch balls, they will play each other’s drives. 

Once the team picks the best of the second shots, they play from that very spot. The match is over once the ball is in the hole. Places like indoor golf in NYC and other big cities could be the perfect way for players to practice, as they will need to up their game for this tournament. This somewhat complex format will be great for creating a healthy competitive atmosphere among the golfers. 


If you’re looking for a different type of tournament to host, Stableford might be the one for you. It is characterized by the difference in the objective of scoring. The goal of the tournament is to gain the highest score. The team or individual with the highest score after 18 holes wins.

It’s dynamic, and it can be tailored to fit the skill level of players. There are two types of Stableford. Traditional Stableford has the fixed score determined by the officials of the tournament and every relative score to this one is awarded. On the other hand, Modified Stableford is for more professional players, who can lose points for bogeys. 

Bingo Bango Bongo 

If you want something even more challenging, Bingo Banga Bongo will certainly make the tournament more interesting. This points-based format has three opportunities for the players to score points on each hole. After each task, the player gets one point. 

The first task (Bingo) is to be the first player with a ball on the green. The second task (Bango) is to be the one closest to the pin when all the balls are on the green. Finally, Bongo is the final point for the player who holes out first. 


The handicap based tournament Quota starts with tournament officials determining the Quota. This is a certain value a player should score to get the points. For instance, they get one point for a bogey, 2 for par, 4 for birdie, and 8 for eagle. This quota is usually 36, but it could change. 

Players should get as many points as possible to win the tournament. However, the winning result must be above the quota. Chicago is a format similar to this one. The difference is that the players start with negative points. Their goal, then, is to get back into the positive.


Golf is a sport that requires strong mental capacity and strong muscles. It is a competitive sport full of twists and turns. To make sure that your tournament is both fun and challenging, make sure to pick the perfect type for your players! tunai4d

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