3 Top Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pens Manufacturers

Delta-8 THC has been around us since the 70s, but it didn’t witness any market until last year. Whether out of desire or a curiosity to find out what the uproar is all about, ever since then, cannabis users have been drawn to delta-8 products.

Unlike delta-9, delta-8 THC is prepared from hemp-obtained CBD flowers, which is why it is deemed a hemp by-product rather than a marijuana product. Although its effects are similar to delta-9, it is inclined to be a little milder and doesn’t risk delusions or anxiety.

Similar to every other cannabis product, delta 8 too has unusual results and works at different paces depending on its consumption. The two prime kinds of delta-8 items include vapes and edibles. Let’s not talk around the bush anymore and discuss using disposable pens to intake delta-8 THC to make it act fastly and let you find the effects you’re looking for!

The cannabis market is full of disposable vape pens that let you try delta-8 THC. Vape pens aren’t a considerable investment, are readily usable, and arrive pre-charged. Since the FDA doesn’t currently oversee delta 8 disposables, it’s vital to buy only from a brand that you trust.

Here we’ve listed the top three brands that manufacture superior-quality disposable vapes:

Delta Effex

When buying cannabis products, the basic thing to check is if any third-party testing has been carried out on them and what their results are. Delta Effex is a company that is very particular about it and sends its every batch to verified labs for testing. The results are also accessible to the users on their Lab Results page.

Delta Effex’s delta-8 disposable vapes are made in three flavors: guava purp, watermelon candy kush, and insane punch.

TreeTop Hemp

If you want to purchase delta-8 from a trustworthy cannabis company, look no further. TreeTop Hemp is another brand that is very thorough and transparent about its testing and outcomes. The brand manufactures twelve types of delta-8 disposables, each having a unique terpene profile. Reputable labs test their items and share the results on the website.


Urb is famous for making cannabis by adopting a clean, environmentally-friendly procedure. Although the federal government doesn’t recognize cannabis as an organic substance, Urb has obtained third-party certifications to prove its ethical and sustainable farming. It makes three different types of delta-8 vapes, namely: one indica, one sativa, and one hybrid.

The Bottom Line

Delta-8 disposable vape pens are perfect for trying out the product. These pens are pretty much available everywhere nowadays – at head shops and even gas stations near you. But before buying them, we’ll advise you to take the necessary caution and do thorough research. Due to the absence of federal regulations for cannabis products in the market, some companies skimp with testing and standard assurance.

Remember that since hemp products aren’t legal, you must rely on third-party quality testing and verification. We hope you find the product you’re looking for!

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